Iowa Board of Pharmacy to Consider the Reclassification of Marijuana

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Iowa Board of Pharmacy to Consider the Reclassification of Marijuana

By Alizeh Siddiqui, Marijuana Policy Project

DES MOINES, IA — The Iowa Board of Pharmacy is considering renewing itsibp recommendation that the state reclassify marijuana in a way that would make it easier to use the substance legally for medical purposes, following a hearing in the state’s capital Monday where patients, medical professionals, and drug-abuse prevention specialists testified about whether Iowa should relax its strict ban on the use of medical marijuana.

“We’re in a bit of a predicament,” board Chairman Edward Maier told several dozen people who gathered for the Des Moines hearing, noting that Iowa law currently classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug.

A similar proposal failed to gain traction in 2009 when the board recommended that state legislators reclassify marijuana as a Schedule II drug, which would make the substance legal with a physician’s recommendation.

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Edward Hertko, a retired Des Moines physician and longtime proponent for making marijuana legal, said opponents have falsely characterized marijuana as addictive and as a gateway to harder drugs.

“Its hazards pale when compared with alcohol and tobacco,” he told the pharmacy board. “In fact, marijuana is less deadly than sugar, which causes thousands of deaths each year from obesity and diabetes,” he said.

In addition, Lori Tassin, a cancer patient also from Des Moines, said she believes the substance can shrink tumors and provide other medical benefits.

“It should be my choice,” she told the board. “It should be between my doctor and me.”

The entire Iowa Board of Pharmacy will further discuss the issue Wednesday. Moreover, Maier, a Mapleton pharmacist, noted that the board does not have the authority to make medical marijuana legal. However, he did state that the board could advise Iowa state legislators on the issue.

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  • Joe Mungus
    November 24, 2014

    Im originally from Iowa. Left 30 years ago to see the world. I did. Since then I’ve been in Seattle. My parents are still there. If they ever leave this world Ill never return. See… In that state the local governments are in charge and the people let them get by with it.
    Thats basically what it boils down to. Its corrupt with people who’s morality is professed to be purer than those theyre supposed to serve.
    Des Moines has a few new on ramps and some larger signs now. Not much else, considering. Being a Governor there is a lifelong career. Theyve had 4 since the 1960s. Seriously. They dont understand that it is supposed to be them that is in charge. The Republicans still have them totally confused and have them voting and discussing issues that dont matter. All the while the ones running the state are awarding their buddies contracts, skimming monies and ruining childrens lives for a lousy joint. Oh, yeah… Thats some pretty screwed up logic. As soon as more people get sick of it theyll either do what i did and leave or work or maybe finally start initiating their own change.
    Nobodys going to give you this, folks… You have to take it. But, if they ever decide to change on their own the money trail will expose their collective motivation. The only time they really give a damn about their citizens is when theyre going to be able to extract money from a particular situation. (Because the money theyre making warehousing kids isnt enough.)
    There are alot of older folks their whove been lied to by their federal gov on the drug war issues for years. Theyre too old to unlearn that. Once the liberals finally outnumber them and get pissed off enough to start voting it will all change. Not until then.

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