Introducing Katy, the Legal, All-Natural MDMA (Ecstasy) Alternative

By Michelle L.

MDMA (ecstasy) has gained popularity in recent years, though many avoid it due to its chemical nature and its illegal status. Along comes Katy!

Limitless Life has developed and released an entirely legal, safe and all-natural alternative to MDMA. Katy is “the world’s most powerful, all natural, plant-based experience enhancing supplement.” It’s dopamine-, serotonin- and GABA-stimulating, but requires no prescription and comes without risk.

Developed by biohacker, entrepreneur Mark Effinger and human potential expert Dolan Ramsay, Katy promises a “euphoric, blissed out, sensory hightened, love filled experience”; it’s also 98% organic!

Katy is made up of Kava Kava, omniracetam, EGCG, 5-HTP, guarana extract, grape seed extract, theobromine and curcumin. These are the same ingredients used for brain-enhancing nutrients, neuro stimulants and adaptogens (used to improve overall wellness).

Over at EDM.com, they recently gave Katy a try for themselves. All five who used it reported feeling “energized and heightened, though we struggled to find the exact stimulants to compare it to – red bull, coffee, a 5-Hour Energy.” What they could all agree on; “this was no placebo effect, and we all felt “buzzed.” Some of us started to feel a rise in body temperature, feeling a bit warm and clammy. What started as an energy boost started to feel more electric, like a light euphoria was setting in. We felt the need to drink water.”

In general, it was a very positive experience to feel energized and heightened physically and mentally while not having to worry about breaking the law or chemically testing to make sure what we were ingesting was actually safe. There were no moments that were too intense nor any drop-offs or complete crashes. We gave the peace of mind that comes with Katy a 10 out of 10. 4 out of 5 of us said we’d do it again.”

You can learn more about Katy by clicking here.

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