Cananbis Products to Improve your Dog’s Health

Cananbis Products to Improve your Dog’s Health

Innovative Cannabis products can have a wide range of benefits for your pet, but choosing the best one from the wide range of products available in 2021 can be a challenge. Here’s what you need to know about the most innovative products on the market and how to pick the right one for your pet’s needs.




CBD oil is among the most straightforward cannabis products for your dog. The best CBD oil for dogs is full-spectrum oil that is offered with a dropper for easy dosing. Oil can be added to your dog’s food or given directly.


Delta Extrax

The downside of CBD oil is that many dogs are not fond of the taste. If you are giving your dog CBD oil for anxiety, the last thing that you want to do is have to chase them around to give them their medication. Even if you are giving CBD oil for some other reason, having to force your dog to take it is not likely to be a part of your daily routine that either of you enjoys.


It may be possible to disguise the oil in your dog’s food or treats, but this is an added step that many people don’t want to deal with. It can also result in wasted CBD oil.


CBD Capsules


If you would like to get all of the advantages of CBD oil and don’t want any extra or filler ingredients at all (perhaps because your dog is on a very specific diet or because you prefer to make all of their food), CBD capsules may be exactly the right product for you.


Quality CBD Capsules for Dogs contain exactly the same full-spectrum CBD oil as an oil product, but it comes in a slightly more concentrated form. Your dog won’t taste the powder in the capsule in the same way they would taste the oil, so it may be the ideal solution if you want  a pure hemp product but don’t want to put your dog through having to eat the oil.


You can easily wrap a capsule in a treat and your dog won’t even notice it. Most dogs don’t mind having the contents of the capsule sprinkled on their food in the same way that they would react negatively to having oil put into the food.


Hemp Dog Treats


For dogs that don’t enjoy taking CBD oil directly, hemp dog treats may be the best option for you. Look for treats that feature a full spectrum hemp extract.


Because there are lots of treats on the market that may not live up to their advertising, it’s a very good idea to choose an option that is third-party tested for safety and quality. Look for supporting ingredients that are also helpful for your dog, like flaxseed, meat, and sweet potato. If you are looking for a dog treat to improve your dog’s skin, skin defense advanced skin support may be the ideal option for you.



Topical Hemp Treatments


Sometimes, the best treatment is one that is applied directly to the problem area. Topical CBD treatments for your pet can help to reduce skin and joint issues. Hemp oil contains fatty acids that can reduce inflammation and encourage healing.


You may find it useful for hot spots, rashes, itchy skin, and much more. One of the most important topical treatments for you to consider for your dog is Dog Paw Balm. Dogs release toxins through their paws, which perform a similar function to sweat glands in people.


If your dog can’t release the toxins in their paws because their paws are too dry, toxins can build up. You may notice your dog licking their paws constantly and that paws become dry and cracked. Quality hemp paw balm contains ingredients to detoxify and soothe and is completely safe for your dog to lick.


High-quality hemp treatments generally won’t be problematic if your dog licks them, but your dog may end up ingesting more CBD than you had intended to give by licking topical treatments, so it is important to keep in mind how much you are using if your dog has a tendency to lick the area.


What Kind of Cannabis Product is Best for Skin Irritation?


With such a wide range of CBD and hemp products on the market, you may be wondering which is the best option for your dog. The ideal treatment depends on exactly what is going on with your dog’s skin and how your dog behaves. However, many people find that hemp dog treats are best for the needs of their pets.


Many dogs find the taste of CBD oil unpleasant. It can be hard to disguise the flavor of CBD oil in treats like peanut butter or cheese. Too often, the oil tends to leak out of whatever you’re using to conceal it so your dog may not get as much as it should. Furthermore, having to add CBD oil to some kind of carrier is an extra step that many owners would prefer to skip during their daily routine.


Hemp treats are convenient, easy to give and do a great job of controlling the amount of CBD that your dog consumes. Your dog won’t get too little CBD because of spills or too much because they lick it off their skin. Furthermore, most dogs love eating quality hemp dog chews, so giving your dog their daily dose of medication is as simple as handing them a delicious treat.


What Kind of Cannabis Product is Ideal for Joints?


Hemp oil can be hugely advantageous for your dog’s joints. Whether your dog is suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, or something else, cannabis can make a big difference. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces pain and increases mobility.


Most dogs benefit from being given cannabis daily for their joints. Therefore, it’s a good idea to choose a product that is convenient to give every day. For dogs that tolerate the taste of CBD oil in a treat or on their food, CBD oil added directly to your dog’s daily meals or treats is a great solution.


Dogs that do not like the taste of CBD oil often respond well to capsules which can be given the same way as oil by adding to food or hiding in treats. For dogs that are sensitive even to the taste of capsules, a CBD treat is probably your best option. Look for an all-in-one CBD Oil and Advanced Mobility Chew with hemp, glucosamine, and other ingredients that have benefits for the joints to provide convenient, effective relief for joint pain.


Some dogs may also benefit from a CBD product that can be applied directly to the joints. Just be sure that if your dog licks the product on their skin they do not exceed the recommended dose of CBD.


What to Look for in a Quality Help Dog Product


You want to give your dog the best CBD treatment possible. You certainly don’t want to waste your money on a product that advertises effectiveness but doesn’t actually have the ingredients to do anything to help.


Unfortunately, because of current laws, veterinarians can’t prescribe or recommend CBD products, which means that you need to make up your own mind about which products to consider. While these laws may be changing soon, for now, it’s up to you to conduct research into the best products for your pet. Here’s what to look for in a hemp dog product that is very likely to be effective for your pet:


  •     Money-back guarantee. A company that is confident in the product they’re selling will give you at least a month to return it if you don’t see results.
  •     Formulated by a veterinarian. You want to know that someone who is qualified to provide optimal health to your dog has put together the ingredients in the product that you choose.
  •     Tested by a third-party lab. You can have a lot of confidence in the effectiveness and purity of a product that has been tested by a third party, rather than just relying on the advertising of the company.
  •     Full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD has all of the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, enabling an Entourage effect which is known to be more effective than isolated components alone.
  •     Quality supporting ingredients. Of course, it is very important that the hemp in the products that you choose is of the highest quality. However, you also want to know that the rest of the ingredients are quality as well.
  •     No THC. While CBD and many of the other ingredients in hemp are very beneficial for your dog, THC is not. Dogs are very sensitive to the effects of THC and should not be given products that contain it.


Choose the Perfect Cannabis Product for Your Pet


There is a wide range of cannabis products on the market as cannabis is exploding in popularity in 2021. It can be difficult to make the right choice for your dog. However, by carefully looking at the ingredients, testing, and formulation of a given product, you can choose the ideal option for your pet’s needs. 


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