Innocent Grandma Shot While Trying to Protect Grandchild During Botched Drug Raid

A New Hampshire grandma, Lilian Alonzo, was shot last month during a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) drug raid in which no drugsdea, or anything else illegal, was found. The DEA was on a search for distributors of illegal painkillers, and received a tip from an informant that they witnessed $50,000 in cash sitting on Alonzo’s table. Based solely on the fact that the residents of the house were allegedly in possession of a large amount of cash (as if earning cash legally isn’t a possibility), the DEA obtained a search warrant, and raided the house, machine-guns in hand.

Alonzo’s son, Daniel Nuez told The New Hampshire Union Leader that the DEA roughed up his 10-year-old sister as she was trying to answer the door, and then ransacked the home, before eventually shooting Alonzo as she reached to protect her infant grandchild. The bullet entered Alonzo’s arm, and went into her upper-torso. Although the shot wasn’t fatal, doctors weren’t able to remove the bullet, so it will remain in Alzonzo’s body, potentially for the remainder of her life.

According to witnesses, there was close to, if not more than, two dozen law enforcement vehicles parked outside of the house. Again, we’ll note that this entire situation was due to a tip that there was cash on a table within the house, showing how easy it really is for innocent people to be terrorized by this growingly dangerous organization (the DEA).


11 thoughts on “Innocent Grandma Shot While Trying to Protect Grandchild During Botched Drug Raid”

  1. The judge should be held responsible for signing a warrant for which there were no grounds. And then disbarred and personally sued. Along with the cop that shot her.

  2. Degenerate officers. Whichever one shot her should, at the very least, be permanently banned from all law enforcement activity for life.

  3. Whomever this “informant” is should be prosecuted for providing false information, as well as the judge that granted the search warrant on false grounds

  4. I can relate …My x wife called the Bach springs tTexas police department after we broke up and told them I called her and said I was gonna kill myself..well needless to say I was asleep on my couch they kicked in my door threw me on the ground hand cuffed me and took my pistol that was in a lock box in my closet locked too. they proceeded to check my phone and no call was made … I was then taken to a crazy hospital and played he’ll trying to get released, the next day…just goes to show we as Americans have no rights and someone can mess your life up just by a fake report..way to go police…..

  5. i agree these guys are nothing but thugs …. No prof of anything illegal at all just someone said ….. That’s bullshit ! There were no grounds for this at all !

  6. Established by nixon who is a criminal but was PARDONED by his VP who took over the presidency after nixon resigned. The DEA needs to go. Another example is the head of DEA Leonhart said last july 4th the worst day in her 33 year career in DEA was july 4, 2013 when they flew a HEMP FLAG over the capital building. HMMMM ALL law enforcement heads and officers will tell u their worst day is anytime a fellow agent, officer or anybody in law enforcement family is KILLED IN THE LINE OF DUTY not a hemp flag flown over the capital building. It’s no wonder they can WASTE OUR TAX DOLLARS on frivilous raids on a pile of money or over a medicine plant. THIS INSANITY MUST STOP…..

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