Initiative to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in Oregon Officially Qualifies for November Ballot

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Initiative to Legalize Recreational Cannabis in Oregon Officially Qualifies for November Ballot

An initiative to legalize recreational cannabis in the State of Oregon has officially qualified for this November’s general election ballotoregon, according to New Approach Oregon, the group behind the proposal. The group submitted over 145,000 signatures in June, well more than the 87,000 required, and the state has now verified that enough of the signatures were valid.

If approved into law by voters, the initiative will legalize the possession of up to eight ounces of cannabis, the private cultivation of up to four cannabis plants, and state-licensed cannabis retail outlets which will be regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The initiative will only apply to those 21 and older.

According to polling released last month, a majority of voters in Oregon (51% to 44%) support the legalization of cannabis.

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  • pua mana
    July 23, 2014

    oh yeah, 4 plants will meet my Medicinal needs for a whole year !!!!!!!! NOT !

  • Marley Fan
    July 24, 2014

    pua mana, if you have a medical card, you will still be able to grow the same amount of medicine. The OMMP would not be affected by the passage of this measure. I suggest getting informed before jumping to conclusions.

    • Wayne
      August 7, 2014

      This isn’t legalization and people should be made aware of the fact many will still go to jail for Marijuana related offences..for instance..Concentrates: While an adult may possess store-bought hash and hash oil, “no person may produce, process, keep or store homemade marijuana extracts.” Up to a quarter-ounce of homemade extracts will be a Class B misdemeanor and more than that will be a Class C felony….Class C felony in Oregon 5 years !!!…Grandma can go to jail for merely making butter or pot brownies……New Approach of Oregon is being deceitfull on so many things regarding this bill…Yes ,it’s funded by Hedge Fund manager Geroge Soros and friends…Thank you

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