Initiative to Legalize Marijuana Filed in Arizona, Advocates Aim for 2018 Ballot

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Initiative to Legalize Marijuana Filed in Arizona, Advocates Aim for 2018 Ballot

An initiative to legalize the possession, cultivation and license distribution of marijuana has been filed in Arizona.

The proposal was filed with Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan by the nonprofit political action committee Safer Arizona. The measure would legalize the possession of cannabis for those 21 and older, while allowing them to cultivate up to 48 plants at home. The initiative would also establish a system of licensed and regulated cannabis retail outlets and cultivation centers.

Advocates of the measure, titled the Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Act, must now collect 150,000 signatures by July to place the measure on the November, 2018 general election ballot.

Below is a brief overview of what initiative would do from Safer Arizona’s website.

  1. Repeal cannabis prohibition entirely removing all criminal penalties.
  2. Legalizes the possession, use, consumption, and transportation for cannabis for adults 21 and older.
  3. Replaces all remaining cannabis offense violations with fines.
  4. Allows 48 plants of home cultivation before being required to obtain a Transaction Privilege Tax License and being subject to agricultural regulations.
  5. Creates a free market system in which licensed businesses will resell cannabis and cannabis products.
  6. Establishes a sales tax on retail cannabis sales, from which the revenue will be allocated to education.
  7. Places cannabis under the Department of Agriculture.
  8. Prevents the state from re implementing cannabis prohibition and conspiring with other governments to enforce cannabis prohibition laws.
  9. Provides post conviction relief for prior cannabis offense violations.
  10. Provides protection for firearm owners.
  11. And provides protection for parental custody rights.


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You can find the full text of the measure by clicking here.

The initiative is similar to Proposition 205, which was narrowly defeated in last year’s election (it received 48.68%).

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