Initiative to Legalize Cannabis Receives Approval from Mississippi Secretary of State

The group Mississippi mississippifor Cannabis has received approval from the Secretary of State to begin collecting signatures on their initiative to legalize recreational cannabis. The group will be required to collect 21,233 signatures from registered voters in four different districts by October 2nd to put the initiative to a vote of the people in the 2016 general election.

If placed on the ballot and approved into law, the initiative would legalize the possession and private cultivation of cannabis for those 21 and older, without setting any limits on how much a person can possess or grow. Cannabis retail outlets would also be authorized.

If advocates fail to gather the required number of signatures by October, they’ll have a new deadline of December; if they meet this deadline, the proposal will be placed on the 2017 general election ballot.


140 thoughts on “Initiative to Legalize Cannabis Receives Approval from Mississippi Secretary of State”

  1. Yes I would love to vote on legalizing Marijuana And I would love to know how to vote It’s not a drug is used as medicine and cures for peoples in the world So why not legalize you will have no more crying The murder rate would go down the crime rate will go down people who have bad nerves they use this good for glaucoma

  2. should we be outspoken and use our power to vote this and I know most of the Mississippians would if we bring economic activity plus tax purposes schools would benefit education would benefit is just a big win win for us if we do this is the state and not be one of the last in the Union to do it.go team legalize

  3. It won’t work. This is too much to be legalized at once. You can’t go from illegal to legal with no limits if you’re 21. Baby steps.

  4. I think it should be legal because it helps so many people just because some people make it seem bad it really isn’t i mean it helps cancer and everything else i say go for it i dont smoke but i really think it a help

  5. It’s wishful thinking to assume that people in MS will vote for the legalization of marijuana, but people in my county wouldn’t even vote to sell alcohol all through Lamar County ( you can only by alcohol at the annexed areas) so I doubt it will pass. #weStillGotDryCounties

  6. I have short term memory loss and A.D.D and honestly when I smoke it I can remember more when I’m high and I’m focused it also gives me energy to get up and do something had a bad wreck and neck was messed up but when I get high it’s like a pain reliever And like I said gives me energy

  7. Don’t smoke even if it was legal but I’m all about freedom and we should be able to make are on decisions not the goverment makeing them for us

  8. I I don’t believe it should be people over use it now n spend all there money and are lazy now with it just think if it was legalized

  9. I have epilepsy and I have said this a million times I HATE taking pills that basically make me feel the same high I just don’t like pills! I would much rather this be legalized than having to take pills everyday all day to keep me under control!

  10. I’m down they wanna legalize now after they lock all our niggaz up but a when they get home at lease they can smoke without getting in trouble I’m in Guam but coming home soon hope im there in time to sign

    • If you consider your friends “niggas”, you’ve got bigger problems. How about you just sit on the couch and keep living the worthless “thug life”, while we push legitimate reasons. Stop posting. You make real people look stupid.

  11. Yes same for louisiana it would drop crime rate innocent fathers going to jail over marijuana help people with cancer anxiety and help the environment like as in cutting trees to help us breath it would be the best thing they could do plus help people make their businesses expand 100%in

  12. This will bring much peace, revenue, and relief to the people of MS. For something that is simply safer than water – yes, it has NO lethal dose limit, yet our govt says (for now) that it has “no medicinal value”, but the Govt’s own patent labels it as a “neuro-protector”, this should easily show the world how rediculous the lie has been pitched on the public since prohibition began. Other benefits includes Hempcrete (much more durable than average concrete – and could widely improve all buildings both housing and businesses throughout the state), 1 acre of industrial hemp brings in 10x’s the paper of 1 acre of trees. People who suffer from anxiety/panic disorder, cancer, diabetes, ptsd, colitis, post-surgical digestive disorders, wasting syndrome, pain management with ZERO deaths from overdose as you simply cannot overdose from even the most concentrated forms of cannabis.

    It will bring people off their addictions to deadly pain medication by having SAFE access to the SAFEST alternative, this has already shown itself not only in Holland for over 20 years, but in the states that have voiced and voted this truth into existance. No one EVER should be threatened or thrown into a dog cage for ingesting something so safe as Cannabis is. The crime rate has dropped 66% in Denver in just under ONE year because of legalizing freedom, not to mention, the multi-million dollars that the taxation has collected. MS is the most violent state in the U.S. the thugs are out of control, home invasions are out of control, the streets are way overdue for simple paving for public safe driving. Armed robberies are out of control, etc.. all of this would be GREATLY reduced by legalizing Cannabis for personal use,, for medical use, and industrial hemp for many many jobs that Mississippians so desparately need! The jobs keep going overseas, to the Phillippines, to India, and the quality of the businesses that have outsourced thier jobs are suffering tremendously!

    For all people concerned with “we don’t want children having access”, well just look at the multitudes of people leaving states like New Jersey to get their children the SAFEST treatment for all types of epilepsy, autistism related problems, and more that big pharma’s real bad drugs and the side effects are not an option ANYMORE for families who’ve tried it all and SIMPLY KNOW WHAT BEST FOR THEIR CHILDRENS VERY LIVELYHOOD! No govt agency state or federal should ever hold something back, so safe and natural and BENEFICIAL as is Cannabis. The most important thing to remember is this: beit use for recreational, be it use for medical, or be it use for industrial, a human being simply cannot die from this plant, yes a plant that is safer to consume that water! Stop believing the “easter bunny exists”/reefer madness bollock propaganda from the govt, from the churches (God gave us this plant for food, for medicine and all of its uses). No one is demonizing tomatoes, and YES the vines of a tomato plant are deadly poisonous as are parts of the potatoe plant and other “vegetables” we as humans grow and consume. It is the Nancy Reagan (astrological drunk she was) campaign that helped to continue the stereotype against Cannabis.
    Also educate yourself on this fact: the term “marijuana” was a racial term applied to Cannabis wayy back in the 1920s. NOW, having said that,,, would you call your tomato the “N” word?… Would you call your potatoes a derogatory racial hate word?!?! NO, because just like Cannabis is a vegetable with super neuroprotection – as the Federal Govt has the patent listed as saying, so is blueberries, tomatoes, etc!! IT IS SUPERFOOD PEOPLE! Human beings should have been able to use this since prohibition, it was only the very disgusting GREED of Anslinger, Dupont, and many who were jealous of the thousands of uses of this plant, that is was DEMONIZED by corporate and govt goons trying to control markets and the free will of society. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT THE LIES AND HYPOCRISY OF THESE GOONS. We are over-regulated as a nation, and regulations are for robots! Time to legalize freedom, sensibility, the safest choice of medicine that has been giving to us by our Creator since the dawn of time!
    The ancients used it, the Constition is written on it, our Founding Fathers used it, YES SMOKED IT, and used its cousin the hemp plant for rope, for fiber, Bush senior wouldnt have made that successfull landing from his parachuting days in the military without it. IT IS SILLY THAT THIS MOST VALUABLE OF PLANTS ON EARTH HAS BEEN DEMONIZED and people believed their rhetoric, all with zero deaths, curing cancers, regulating diabetes, and tons more, not just “glaucoma and asthma” (which it also is beneficial for!). ALL MAMMALS have an ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM CONSISTING OF THE CB1 AND CB2 RECEPTORS. Why do our doctors nationwide lie to the citizens about this? WHY ARE WE NOT TAUGHT THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM IN HEALTH CLASSES AND IN PUBLIC HEALTH INFO?? How many people die from presciption overdose both accidental and abused?? WE as HUMANS will be looking back very soon and laughing at ourselves and our government for believing their propanganda, just as HOLLAND did when they believed that tomatoes were “deadly to consume” back in the 1700s..
    Wake up and rock this VOTE people of Mississippi and the United States, for ALL STATES! There is a reason we have so many health issues, so many types of cancer, so many side effects from the real poison of big pharma’s real dirty drugs, IT IS BECAUSE WE AS A SOCIETY HAVE BEEN ENDOCANNABINOID DEFICIENT SINCE THE 1920s! If a human in America can die in war at age 18, then humans should be able to choose the safest form for relief and recreation that does not cause violence, that choice is Cannabis. Just think how many people have died from drinking and driving,, if those people had chosen Cannabis, they would NOT have gotten behind the wheel, and IF THEY DID, they would have DEFINITELY been a much safer driver as the focus factor of Cannabis is supreme at combating distractions and creates a calmer, peacefull, safer individual altogether. No one is forcing anyone to start “smoking” or “consuming” Cannabis, NO ONE IS FORCING ALCOHOL, CHOCOLATES, CANDY on ANYONE EITHER! So realize this very statement before you make such a rediculous, prohibition-based/brainwashed attempt at comparing to Cannabis. Yes, Safer than Chamomile Tea, great for depression, anxiety, ptsd, … need more? here are just a few compiled links to many studies:

    The Endocannabinoid System

    Cannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System

    Targeting the endocannabinoid system with cannabinoid receptor agonists:
    pharmacological strategies and therapeutic possibilities

    The Emerging Role of the Endocannabinoid System in Endocrine Regulation and Energy Balance

    Cutting edge cancer research:

    Important Doctors: Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Dr’s Rand and Ron Paul, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and hundreds more. Read and regain the truth and undo the brainwashing that was done to mankind.

    As for Industrial uses: paper, hempcrete, dashboards, plastics (YES WE DONT NEED FOREIGN OIL TO PROCESS RUBBERMAID/PLASTICS equaling getting out of ALL mid-eastern wars and nations that depend on the U.S. to buy their bloodsoaked/warsoaked OIL!! think about that people, if the Heinz ketchup company is already making ketchup bottles from plant-based plastics, do we need foreign OIL?? NOO! ; 10% more ethanol from Cannabis Hemp than from corn, so no more “we’re running out of corn” excuses; hemp can be woven with every fiber from silk to make women’s clothing, to cotton and polyester blend stitching, bringing back a much needed job sector that again has been sold down the road to China among thousands of other jobs,, oh and wait.. yes currently most of the Hemp for industry is being grown in China!! WE need these JOBS AMERICA, WE NEED THIS PLANT AND ALL ITS USES!! not just Hemp, NOT just “CBD ONLY forms of Cannabis”,, we need the WHOLE PLANT and WHOLE PLANT MEDICINE, ALL VARIATIONS, both Indica, Sativa, and yes Hemp.

    Think America,, everything from your very own laptop casing to your vehicles seat belt and dashboard compartments, and ALL that is made from plastic/composites CAN BE MADE FROM CANNABIS, AND CAN BE MADE IN THE USA AND BRING THIS COUNTRY BACK TO WHAT IT ONCE WAS , A GLOBAL ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE,and so much better for the environment for biodegration/waste.

    Lets not fail to mention that the hempheart (the unsprouted seed inside the shell of the cannabis seed) has been listed as THE MOST NUTRITIOUS thing a person can consume! Check out Manitoba harvest foods to buy your hemphearts and add to your vitamin smoothies and supercharge your diet.

    In conclusion, WE as HUMANS will no longer be lied to by entities who care nothing really for our well being, our real nutritional balance, our choice in a safe matter for both ourselves, our children and our planet. WE as HUMANS know how to regulate OURSELVES and we know they kept this most beneficial of all of God’s plants from us, causing many diseases and cancers to continue thriving, whlie they feed us lies and pump us full of antibiotics that cause digestive failure and resistance to disease!

    WE WILL NOT BELIEVE THE EASTER BUNNY EXIST-LIE THAT IS PROHIBITION ANYMORE, wake up and better your states infrastructure, restore peace, cut in half violent crimes, get people off hard drugs, fund schools, better your anger management, and defeat disease, cancer, eliminate diabetes and improve the quality of life for humans NOW! LEGALIZE FREEDOM AND VOTE TO PERMANTLY TAKE CANNABIS OFF OF THE DRUG SCHEDULING CHARTS, ITS NOT A DRUG, ITS A SUPERFOOD-HERB WITH NO LETHAL DOSE,,( HOW MANY DEATHS FROM ASPRIN?…) all HUMANS WILL BENEFIT FROM CANNABIS AND ITS MANY USES, WHETHER YOU “SMOKE IT” OR NOT, GET IT? ESPECIALLY THE ECONOMY!

    Improve the atmosphere, the soil thru hemp and cannabis on a large scale as it puts back nitrogen and essential minerals into the earth unlike alot of other vegetables grown. Feed, house, and cloth multitudes of humans, and most importantly American Veterans who have been left to die on govt black lists… All these things are already proven.. WE MUST VOTE FOR FREEDOM, WE MUST VOTE TO LEGALIZE COMPLETLY ALL FORMS OF CANNABIS.
    Dont be sorry you read this, there is no apology for helping mankind and stopping the lies of our control mongering/war mongering leaders. Yes We Cannabis, Yes we WIll! Thank you Creator of Heaven and Earth, Thank you Founding Fathers, and Thank you Smart Citizens of the United States and the State of MS. WE NEED TO GET THIS ON THE BALLOT !! SIGN THE INITIATIVE 48 to end prohibition and fully legalize the use, taxation, medical use, and cultivation and sale of both industrial hemp, and cannabis for adults 21 years and older to cultivate, AND GET MISSISSIPPI FROM BEING THE LAST STATE IN EVERTHING, TO A GLOBAL ECONOMIC LEADER, AND MOST IMPORTANT A SAFER PLACE TO LIVE AND THRIVE, along with FREEING ALL CANNABIS RELATED CONVICTIONS THAT IS HOLDING PEOPLE BACK FROM PROSPERING! MS DOES NOT HAVE TO CONTINUE BEING THE WORST STATE IN EVERY CATEGORY ANYMORE,, EVER AGAIN! SIGN THE BALLOT PEOPLE!!!

  13. i live in pain everyday and have to go to pain management. being a previous smoker i know it helps. unfortunately i cant smoke it now due to monthly drug screens. i endorse legal marijuana 100%. where do i sign?

    • For info on where you can sign, and/or how to be a volunteer (to get more signatures), please visit You can pick your district from the map, and scroll down to see if there are any signing events in your city. If there aren’t any, organize one! Support bi48 to legalize cannabis!

  14. I have seizures, I have tumors,and cancer.I wish they would legalize it for people like me. It stops seizures, it shrinks tumors, and I know it will help with the pain of cancer. It would be great, I hope they do.So sick of taking pills. Never have smoked it but from everything I have read, it sure couldn’t hurt to try.

  15. Whether it’s legal or not people that want to smoke it are going to. This coming from a guy that doesn’t smoke anymore and has no desire to anymore. Why not let the state gain some revenue from it? I’m all for legalizing it. It can be better monitored that way.

  16. Legal or not people that smoke it are going to smoke it so why not let the state gain some revenue from it. I don’t even smoke anymore and have no desire to but I’m all for it being legal.

  17. Yall might want to look at the statistical changes in Colorado since the legalization there. Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it. Not looking for a debate, just asking you all to make sure you’re informed of both sides of this issue.

    • Yea… the State made Millions and the crime rate dropped… Mississippi needs to stop being the poorest state… Jackson, Ms looks like a warzone… that’s terrible for a state capitol… It can’t get any worse

    • I am a marijuana smoker but I can’t help but see this argument as a stupid one every time I see people post it “It is a natural herb man it is a plant god gave it here for us” blah blah blah. You know what else is natural that are drugs that I don’t think should be legalized just cause they are natural Cocaine is a leaf, opium is a flower pod, shrooms are just that mushrooms and there is always peyote. Maybe give a little bit better of an excuse like it doesn’t leave you hung over like alcohol or doesn’t tend to lead to domestic violence like alcohol or helps cure seizures in certain cases but when you simply say legalize it because it is just a plant then you aren’t giving a good argument.

      • If you don’t like drugs, and you don’t want people to use them, legalize them. Then the people who don’t want to use anymore (addicts) can seek treatment without fear of prosecution, and the people who do use them will do so safely, so people don’t overdose off of cocaine cut with chemicals, etc., etc..

        Also, comparing cannabis to any harder drug is just stupid. It heals about a million ails, and just try to prove it does more damage to anyone than, say, watching too much t.v., or drinking too much coffee. It helps with everything from migraines to cancer, why would you want to restrict it? You aren’t arguing to make Mountain Dew illegal, and how many kids drink gallons of that, much to the detriment of their health.

        People should have a choice, and it shouldn’t result in prison time, especially if they aren’t hurting anyone.

    • In the other states where it had been legalized for use, private companies still have the right to terminate you based on your use. If you fail the drug test (including marijuana use) then you can be fired. You can be fired for going to work drunk, or with alcohol in your system. Please make sure people know that.

  18. Would yall rather people going around and smoke spice and making their lungs bleed and dropping dead from hitting it twice or three times all because they can’t smoke real because they have to take a drug test and spice doesn’t show up because all it is basically household chemicals? Or would you rather the legalization of cannabis happen and not worry about people overdosing and cops worrying more about how much cannabis you have in your vehicle rather than caching the real criminals? Think about it. How many people have ever overdosed on cannabis compared to how many people have overdosed on spice, countless brands of pills, killed people drunk driving, shooting crap up their arm, whatever they can to get high.

  19. It’s a shame that they legalize cigarettes and alcohol that kill people everday but a natural plant that helps people with all kinds of illness is illegal and the buzz u get doesn’t make u do stupid things and does not lead u to other drugs

  20. I’m not a pot smoker. I tried it never cared for it. I in general have noticed that those who use regular live in poverty. Most are content to stay there. With that being said. First I am very conservative. But I agree pot should be legalized. All none violent offenders released.


  22. It’s a shame this came up after football season. I’d say two game days in The Grove, and you would have all the signatures you need and then some!

  23. This is a great move for my state! Any way I can help, I will! It’s nonsense that someone in Alaska or Colorado or any of the other legal states can stand behind a counter to sell marijuana and be considered a hard working citizen, but just having it in your pocket in Mississippi gets you labeled as a criminal. It’s time for this “prohibition” to end. Alcohol is a way more dangerous substance, but we can make it legal? Nothing at all against alcohol. I like to take a drink every now and then myself, but it just doesn’t seem right that a medical plant is illegal for some just because of where you live. Wake up America! I will proudly sign my name on this petition! Much respect for those who started this movement!

  24. Although legalization of cannabis would be beneficial to many , we all need to exploit the positive side an negative sides of the voting range . Over 1/4 of Mississippi registered voters are elderly people . We need to inform the public about this as soon as we can , promote ! Get the word out ! People are going to look at us like we’re just a bunch of dumb stones. But we are not ! We all are educated individual’s an we want to bring Mississippi into the future . Bring in money , more jobs , less arrest , help the sick , further our education on cannabis .

  25. As a Colorado NORML advocate, patient, caregiver and grower keep up the good fight to legalization we the people in Colorado are behind Mississippi 100%. They also have petition site on line as well that can also reach out and touch those on the internet

    • Let all of you people make your negative comments, let’s just keep letting pill heads overdose & drunks kill innocent people because they choose to drive drunk! Legalizing cannabis will help our state!! More jobs, more money for schools, etc…

    • No, I’ll tell you what is “retarded” ! I am a cancer survivor, but the treatments really messed me up. They ate my back up with radiation and left me disabled. I also have COPD and Glaucoma. The medicine for the COPD conflicts with the medicine for Glaucoma and there for, in order to breath I have to accept the fact that I’m going blind. Marijuana can be used for both, for most of the medical problems I have, but because it’s illegal I’m left to get worse instead of better! Instead of a handful of pills I could be treated with one herb. It’s “retarded” to make someone go blind or go to jail ! That is what is “retarded” as you so eloquently put it ! Damn straight I’m voting yes and signing the petition !

    • But all these pill heads running around & overdosing isn’t “fucking stupid” may I add all the drunks who drive & kill innocent people!!

      • This is fucking stupid people are not thinking about what it’s going to do to our children and teens people can’t sit there and tell them that it’s not good for them when you do it in front of them or tell them not to do it till they’re older are never going to be all around them I vote keep it illegal for our children the choices you make today will affect them tomorrow

        • Seriously so what about alcohol and high school parties or parents drinking in front of their kids but that’s perfectly fine??!! That’s an ignorant statement within it self oh and what about all the garbage on TV kids are exposed to every single day oh and the Internet stop acting like weed is so detrimental to our “kids” but yet no reports can prove one single death caused by overdosing! And I’m talking about pure weed that is not laced with some other drug! It can have the same regulations as alcohol the exact same thing except it needs to be researched what’s the legal content that makes u too impaired to be able to drive just as alcohol! It’s time to stop listening to all the hype and not truthful information too many put out there without any proof or research that can back it up! Just ignornant!

        • Elizabeth, it is the parents’ job to teach their kids what is safe, and what is not, and what may be ok to try but only once you are older. If you drink a glass of wine, you tell your children they can’t have any until they are old enough for it to be legal, and mature enough to make the decision for themselves. But telling kids they can’t have something just because you said so, with no real reason to back it up will make them think you are stupid. Take tobacco use – with an honest education campaign directed towards children about the effect of tobacco, usage rates are dropping. But, despite tobacco being illegal for minors for decades, for years kids would smoke up to high heaven. Now they know the risk, and they are making a smart choice not to try it, or to at least wait until they are older. Making cannabis legal for adults offers kids an honest outlook – it is a safer alternative to tobacco and alcohol that some adults choose to use, but it is only for adults, and kids need to wait if they want to try it. Any kid who wants pot now will get it – drug dealers don’t I.D.. But if it is regulated, and the money brought in to the state through sales taxes can offer supplemental income to pay for informative public service announcements explaining to children that cannabis is for adults only, and that any person selling to children will be subject to legal penalties, whereas those who only sell legally to adults will not, things can get a lot safer. Also, even if kids send someone in to a store to buy it for them like they do with alcohol, you’ll know what they are getting is clean, not laced with some other drug that could hurt them like it might be when it comes from the black market. And, in those instances, the kids aren’t going to a drug dealers house and interacting with people who may or may not be involved with hard addictive drugs.

          In all honesty though, if you think it is ok for alcohol and tobacco to be legal when they kill thousands each year, including kids, but you want to try to keep cannabis under lock and key and throw kids in prison for it when it is safer and less likely to kill them than any other illegal substance they could be (and likely are) experimenting with, then you should feel the guilt on your conscience for every kid whose life is ruined by trying marijuana once and getting busted and thrown in jail for it, and for every kid who decides they should get drunk instead of trying marijuana because it’s easier to get and dies from alcohol poisoning.

          But if you look at science and studies done in places with relaxed cannabis laws, kid use rates drop. Just saying..

  26. Gulfport resident, non smoker but I’ll be a signature. Good luck and congratulations. This economy seems to be coming back and this would provide another shot. Strike will the bowl is hot.

  27. I live in by st Louis at 6187 west forrest st 39520 I will sign and there are a lot of people on my street who would sign and three people in my house who would sign

  28. Give people the opportunity to receive a better chance at living. The same way no one wants to be looked at during their sexual activity, no one wants to be hassled or convicted of releasing tension in a Godly way. If something is in the Bible then there has to be some purity or good in it. Revelations 22:2″The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations. To some people ganja smoke is a sacrificial blessing.

  29. As a citizen of Mississippi where 24 percent of the citizens are living in poverty it is my belief that the legalization of Cannabis will give economic opportunity to a group of our citizens who have had very little economic opportunities and this has the potential to be a cash crop for our small farmers as well as large the economic opportunities are endless and a large reduction in the crime rate.

  30. Lots of signatures to gather so the real work begins. This is a grassroots movement as the national legalization organizations have decided not to back us. #OVERGROW #YESON48

    This ballot initiative is to get the measure on the November 2016 ballot

  31. Thank-you for writing about our Ballot Initiative 48 to totally legalize cannabis and industrial hemp, and forgive non violent cannabis offenders.
    Mississippians who want to legalize Cannabis, MUST BE REGISTERED TO VOTE. We need their names on our petition and then if we get enough signatures , as a yes vote on the ballot.
    Our website should have the ballot initiative loaded onto it soon.

    Volunteers can send their name, county and phone number to
    Go Mississippi!

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