Initiative to End Cannabis Prohibition Announced in Oregon

Initiative to End Cannabis Prohibition Announced in Oregon

New Approach Oregon – in collaboration with the Drug Police Allianceannounced today that they’re drafting an initiative to end cannabis prohibition in Oregon, with the aim of putting the proposal to a vote in 2014.weedcrystal

“Our coalition is moving forward with a legalization measure to end cannabis prohibition in Oregon in the 2014 election”, said Anthony Johnson, Director of New Approach Oregon, which helped to introduce the legalization measure House Bill 3371 this year, which passed out of its initial committee in April, though eventually stalled.

This initiative will be separate from initiatives recently-filed by the proponents of last year’s Measure 80; advocates of these new initiatives – one a constitutional amendment, one a state law change – will begin gathering signatures next month; they’re also aiming for the 2014 ballot.

Polling from April – conducted by DHM Research – found that 50% of residents in the state support the legalization of cannabis, compared to 45% who are opposed. The poll also found that regardless of someone’s personal opinion on cannabis legalization, 81% believe it to be inevitable.



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