Initiative Drive Underway in Nebraska to Legalize Medical Marijuana

The Nebraska chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) recently began a 188356_117502641658316_3928344_nsignature drive to put the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes to a vote of the people in the state. Advocates have the daunting task of collecting roughly 125,000 valid signatures by May 20th.

Although this will certainly be challenging, Nebraska NORML remains confident, although they’re in need of volunteers willing to help get the measure on the ballot, “If you believe in ending marijuana prohibition in Nebraska, this is the best way you can help”, they stated in a recent call for volunteers, “This is not something to take lightly, we will need 125,000 signatures to get on the ballot, which with a little dedication and enough volunteers can easily be done.”

If the initiative makes it on the ballot, and is passed by voters, qualified patients would be authorized to possess, cultivate and purchase marijuana (through designated safe access points).

Those interested in helping with this effort should contact Nebraska NORML, which they can do by e-mailing, calling 402-953-2053, or messaging them on their Facebook account.


9 thoughts on “Initiative Drive Underway in Nebraska to Legalize Medical Marijuana”

  1. I will help any way I can. it needs to be legalized!! its a wonderful plant god has given us! it soothes the pain and gives us love and not hate.

  2. It should be allowed goverment shouldnt be allowed to say otherwise we the people shoulda had that free right along time ago. All because they need a tax upon it shouldnt be right so how can i help to make things right.

  3. Would like medical cannabis to be legal in Nebraska. What can I do to help? Is NORML the only organization in Nebraska at this time putting efforts into legalization? I have been a member of national NORML in the past. The state chapter seems disorganized at best.

  4. I am interested in helping legalize marijuana! Let me know if there’s anything I can help you do in this effort! Thank you! Johnnell brayman


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