Indiana Proposal to Legalize Hemp Advances in House

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Indiana Proposal to Legalize Hemp Advances in House

Indiana’s House of Representatives has approved Senate Bill 357 – a proposal to legalize hemp – through its 2nd readingindianahemp.

Senate Bill 357 was approved unanimously through the Senate earlier this month, and was passed – also unanimously – through the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee earlier this week.

The measure is expected to be given final approval in the House in the coming days. It will then go back to the Senate for one last vote (this is necessary since an amended was passed during its 2nd reading), before heading to the governor.

The proposal would legalize the cultivation and production of industrial hemp and hemp oil, for those who become licensed with the state.

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The measure wouldn’t take full effect until there’s a change in federal law, or the state is given federal approval to proceed; however, if Senate Bill 357 is approved into law, Indiana would be authorized to begin cultivating hemp for research purposes beginning July 1st (the day the proposal would take effect), since the federal government recently legalized hemp research in states that have done the same.


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