Indiana House Votes to Legalize Hemp

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Indiana House Votes to Legalize Hemp

In a 93 to 4 vote Indiana’s House of Representatives has given approval to Senate Bill 357a proposal to legalize industrial hemp in the state. The measure (given an amendment was accepted) nowindianaflag heads back to the Senate – which has already approved the measure, unanimously – before heading to the governor for consideration.

The proposal would legalize the cultivation and production of industrial hemp, as well as hemp oil, for those who become licensed with the state.

According to recent congressional research, the U.S. imports roughly half a billion dollars in hemp from other countries, yet retains the illegality of its cultivation. The same congressional research found that the hemp market consists of over 25,000 various products.



  • pua mana
    March 4, 2014

    So, it’s ok for a Major Corporation to grow Hemp, but NOT FOR PEOPLE ?!!!!

    • Don
      March 5, 2014

      industrial hemp means low or no “high value” thc. it would be for paper, rope medicine and thousands of other uses. It doesn’t mean just for major corporations but I’m sure they will take a big part of it.

  • Maryjane(;
    March 4, 2014

    We should be able to grow it! It helps so many people with stress each year. And it also helps so many people with pain. I think that we should be able to grow it so we don’t have to spend as much money buying it. But that’s just my opinion…

  • jeremy h
    March 4, 2014

    Hemp Is Not Marijuana. this Is Good Though. Way Cheaper And Jeter For The Environment.

  • Anonymous
    March 4, 2014

    Hemp is marijuana just with a low level of THC it has grown for years wild all over the midwest it was used for most commercial sailing ships anchor ropes that are used tied to the docks until the 1960’s when they came up with plastic filament ropes instead it is also used in clothing and a ton of countries grow it today
    In the old days when ranchers moved their cattle from one area to another at times the cows would eat the wild marijuana and it was called loco weed or crazy weed because the cows would get weird.

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