In June, Oregon Garnered $8.5 Million in Taxes from Legal Marijuana Sales

According to the OregonĀ Department of Revenue, the state made over $8.5 million in taxes from legal marijuana sales in June.

The $8,560,616 million in taxes came from the sale of roughly $45 million worth of marijuana and marijuana products (such as edibles and oils). The taxes garnered is slightly less than the $9 million made last month, but isn’t far off from the single-month record of $9.3 million made in January.

Of the $8.5 million in marijuana taxes Oregon made in June, $7.41 million came from the state’s 17% tax on marijuana sales. The remaining $1.49 million came from local taxes (which vary, but legally can’t be above 3%).

This new data brings Oregon’s total marijuana tax revenue made in 2018 to $51,262,688, putting the state on track to make over $100 million by the end of the year. This would mark a 47% increase from the $68 million in marijuana taxes made last year.

Below is a chart detailing the month-by-month tax revenue Oregon has garnered from marijuana from the start of legal sales in early 2016.

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