Illinois Proposal to Legalize Medical Cannabis for Epilepsy, Including for Children, Passes House

A proposal to allow the use of medical cannabis for those with epilepsy – including minors – and would allow them to purchase their medicine at  dispensariesillinois2, was approved today by the Illinois House of Representatives with a 98 to 18 vote.

Last year Illinois legalized medical cannabis through a 4-year pilot program that allows the possession and state-licensed distribution of medical cannabis for those with a qualifying condition who receive a recommendation from a physician. If approved into law, this new proposal – Senate Bill 2636 – would add epilepsy to the list of qualifying conditions. It would explicitly allow for those under 18 with epilepsy to use medical cannabis extracts; currently in Illinois an individual must be 18 to use any form of medical cannabis regardless of their condition.

“This product is incredibly helpful for young children with epilepsy,” says Representative Lou Lang, the bill’s primary sponsor. The measure is supported by House Republican leader Jim Durkin.

The measure, which was already approved by the Senate but was amended slightly, will now head to the Senate for one final vote before going to the governor for consideration.

– TheJointBlog

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