Illinois Medical Cannabis Program Expanding January 1st to Include Children

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Illinois Medical Cannabis Program Expanding January 1st to Include Children

The Illinoisillinois Department of Public Health announced recently that beginning January 1st, the state will expand its medical cannabis program to include children.

Under the new rules, children with debilitating conditions such as seizure disorders will be able to use non-smokable forms of cannabis for medical purposes. They will, however, be required to gain approval from two doctors; adults require a recommendation from just a single physician.

In September, Illinois officially begin accepting applications for those wanting to become registered medical cannabis patients, and those wanting to operating medical cannabis businesses.

The state’s medical cannabis program – which includes cannabis dispensaries – is expected to go live in April.

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  • citizens
    January 7, 2015

    This letter is to all law makers in state of Illinois. We the people have the right to medical treatment and can not be discriminated against criminal background, race ,religion, gender, and etc. You do not have the right to deny us medical we the people have rights to receive medical treatment. I say everyone has the right to medical treatment nobody has the right to deny anybody even if you have a record I say we the people of state of Illinois  that we all need to stand together and sue and make class action suit against idph and state of Illinois and ask for the law makers to resign they do not care about the people and have no business making laws its our right as humans to receive medical treatment I ask the President of the united states what is he going to do about this and I can answer that ? Nothing whoever made these laws should resign. If your lawmaker against the care of medical treatment and designing laws that stop people from getting that treatment please resign effective asap.  Let people who care about us in and make laws that help the people. So to the people of Illinois contact your TV station and radio station and let your voice be heard. for example if you have cancer and have a felony you will get denied or any other deliberating condition you will be denied the law maker don’t speak for us let’s stand together. Oh don’t contact ACLU they don’t do anything to help but they help the law makers not the people.

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