Illinois Legislature Passes Legislation to Allow Those Who Could be Prescribed Opioids to Become Medical Cannabis Patients

Legislation to allow those who have been or could be prescribed opioids to join the state’s medical cannabis program has been passed by the Illinois Legislature and sent to Governor Bruce Rauner for consideration.

Senate Bill 336 was filed by Senator Don Harmon along with a bipartisan group of 47 other lawmakers. The measure was passed by the Senate in April by a vote of 44 to 6; last week it passed the House of Representatives 77 to 38 (the same day the Senate voted 44 to 3 to concur with amendments passed by the House). The measure will now be considered by Governor Rauner.

The proposed law “includes in the definition of “debilitating medical condition” any other medical condition for which an opioid has been or could be prescribed by a physician based on generally accepted standards of care.”

It “Provides that within 30 days after the effective date of the amendatory Act, the Department of Public Health shall adopt emergency rules to expedite approval for individuals who submit an application as an alternative to opioid treatment.”

The full text of Senate Bill 336 can be found here.

1 thought on “Illinois Legislature Passes Legislation to Allow Those Who Could be Prescribed Opioids to Become Medical Cannabis Patients”

  1. Remove the taxation of the application process, it’s doomed to failure as long as it costs approximately $1,000 just to gain access into the retail establishment to obtain the product which you then can purchase for cash. Those of us living on disability from chronic illnesses we have to choose do we pay rent or do we submit for a license to buy medication to live on. We wait the 60 to 90 days 90 days is 3 months I’ve been evicted from my apartment where’s my application where’s my anymore… just saying

    The electric bill, rent, out-of-pocket medical expenses, Etc…
    The difference is all we want is to feel better and a plant does that for us, all the Able Body people of the government want his money to feed their ego in greed. This program is built on Greed and ego and therefore it will never succeed, is you limit the expansion of the grow facilities and dispensaries to only a select few in the industry you have already destroyed it you are already creating another pharmaceutical industry this is still the destruction of America


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