Identifiable Characteristics of a Good CBD Oil

Identifiable Characteristics of a Good CBD Oil

CBD oil is widely used for treating pain, reducing anxiety, and stimulating appetite. But not all CBD oil brands are created equal and there is a large spectrum available on the market between inferior and superior grades CBD oil.


It’s important to find and use superior grade CBD oil (even if it’s expensive) for your wellbeing. The alarming side effects of using inferior CBD oil can be hallucinations, disorientation, irritability, and anxiety.


In this article today, we will discuss the six important characteristics of high-quality CBD oil to make it as safe as possible.

Delta Extrax


Comes from a Tested Soil


High-quality CBD oil always comes from thoroughly tested soil because the hyperaccumulator plant absorbs the vitamins, minerals, and toxic elements of that earth. The Government usually suggests soil testing before planting and the oil that comes from verified farmers is then tested again in the accredited labs to ensure the general public gets their hands on safe to use CBD oil. Make sure the CBD oil you are purchasing is produced by a verified farmer and the oil is tested in an accredited lab.


Source of CBD matters


Some companies or manufacturers use this low-quality hemp enriched with toxic compounds and metals. This can be to cut down on costs or sometime it’s simply due to lack of testing and knowledge. It is important to avoid these brands. Always ask and look for information about the quality of the hemp that is used.


Extracted from CO2 or Alcohol


A good-quality CBD oil is always free of additives and chemicals. It should be extracted from a safe solvent (CO2 or alcohol). Go through the label carefully and check how it is made. If the label shows the following elements, put it back on the rack.

  • Propane
  • Pentane
  • Butane
  • Hexane

These chemicals do not just make the CBD oil-less effective but leave dangerous contaminants behind.


High-Quality CBD Oil Comes at a Cost


Superior grade CBD oil is more costly because of the rigors required to properly process and test it. Do not order CBD if the price is significantly lower than it’s competitors. The changes that the manufacturer has cut corners or used inferior quality products is very high. At the same time, dont assume that just because you are buying expensive CBD that it has the quality levels you need. Do your homework and research so you can consume with confidence


Not Produced from CBD Isolates Alone


The inferior-grade CBD oil that is manufactured from CBD isolates is generally extracted from cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. These elements alone do not make the oil effective. The CBD oil you need should be extracted from the whole plant, not CBD isolates.


Focus on Natural Product

Full-spectrum CBD oil has all essential ingredients. These natural ingredients are terpenes and flavonoids that work in synergetic relation with CBD oil and will increase the benefits of the product. Check each product to ensure the brand is using full plant or only part of the plant to get a good idea if you’re getting everything you need. Look for labels like “full spectrum” CBD.


Also try to see if the product is pesticide free.  As CBD demand soars, farmers are trying to maximize their yield. The use of pesticides and harmful fertilizer is unfortunately a growing practice. These components can increase yield but eliminate the amount of terpene and flavonoids and make your CBD less effective. Worse yet it can cause bodily harm with extended use


Always go for the natural and full-spectrum product.


Transparency Reflects on The Label


Be aware of the CBD manufacturers that conceal the amount of CBD from its users. The amount of CBD is either given in a concentration or milligrams. If the amount of CBD is missing take it as a sign and keep looking. The 30 ml good quality CBD oil contains almost 250 to 1000mg CBD per bottle. Any less or above this ideal quantity would be a waste of money


Product is Verified or at least Verifiable


Make sure the CBD oil you are investing in is verified or verifiable. The companies that are crediting their bank accounts with selling inferior grade CBD oil usually do not allow the users to verify the product. Like if you are from the UK, Definest CBD is the best one to get a verified product.




Considering the health benefits that it provides, CBD oil is getting more notoriety each day. Not all brands maintain integrity and are many are selling inferior-quality CBD oil. Although CBD regulations are improving, they still need time to overtake the poor brands. There are a few ways to avoid such brands as mentioned in this guide. When purchasing the product at local stores, it is all about the dealer that you go to, and how long they have been around.


It is sad to see how people end up buying a degraded CBD Oil because they lack the knowledge of these products. But, add these 6 characteristics together, and you can easily identify a top-quality CBD Oil. So, next time you are out there shopping for CBD, you know what to look for.


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