Hydrology 9 – A New Revolution in the Vape industry

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Hydrology 9 – A New Revolution in the Vape industry

By Barbara M.

The market for vaporizers has grown enormously in recent times. Innovative and creative designs are becoming more frequent with companies constantly competing to design the most unique model with the newest features. Cloudious 9 blew the market apart with their Hydrology 9 unit, a completely new design, which uses water as a means of filtration. Water filtration is something we would generally associate with bongs not vaporizers, however, we can all relate to the difference between a bong hit with water and one without it. While it makes sense now, the implementation of a water filtering vaporizer was both a brave and bold move. Never before had there been a vaporizer which used water to both cool and filter the vapor produced, so naturally, scepticism surrounded it from the off. In this article we will discuss and dissect the features of the Hydrology 9 vaporizer to gain a greater understanding of how it has revolutionised the vape industry and gained the popularity and reviews that it has.

Liquid Filtration

While liquid filtrations isn’t a completely new entity in the Cannabis community it most definitely is in the vaporizer community. The use of water to filter and cool the harsh smoke a bong can produce has been around for many years with many different shapes and sizes, from pipes to the most intricate and extravagant bongs, water has seen it all. Vaporizers however, never had the option of cooling your vapor with water. Implementing a well known means of filtration into a vaping device was of course warmly received with one of the biggest issues with vaporizers being the harsh overly hot vapor some units produce. Splitting the unit in two, the Hydrology 9 water chamber separates the bowl and the mouthpiece. It acts as a go between for your vapor to travel through by which it cools the vapor while also removing some of the toxins ensuring the cleanest, coolest and most refreshing vapor possible.

Materials Used

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At first glance, it can be seen clearly that the materials used in the build of the Hydrology 9 are of the highest quality. Using space standard aluminum and a well known borosilicate glass, the Hydrology 9 fits nicely in the premium section of the vaporizer market. While looks is a benefit, there is more to the Hydrology 9’s design than what meets the eye. The borosilicate glass is known to be a cleaner and healthier material than standard glass, this is due to it being more heat resistant and can withstand the heating processes better. The use of high end aluminum adds weight and profile to the unit giving it an attractive finish while also ensuring durability of the highest quality. While many companies cut corners with the materials they use as a way of cutting production costs Cloudious 9 clearly went the extra mile to ensure their product was of the highest quality.


One of the most important parts of any vaporizer is the chamber. Be it the material used to build it or simply how much it can hold, there are so many factors to consider when choosing the right vape for you. The chamber is where the magic happens so it is only right to have the best quality mechanics and materials available when we consider what is actually taking place here. The heating of the herbs can be by many different means and it all depends on the vaporizer you are using however the Hydrology 9 uses a conduction based system with the material used in the chamber ceramic. Considered to be the most flavor enhancing material for a chamber, ceramic is taking the vaporizer world by storm. When ceramic heats up it is capable of withstanding a lot more than the average metal chamber ensuring no unwanted toxins taint the flavor. This prevents the metallic taste we sometimes associated with vaping. While not having the largest chamber the Hydrology 9 has a very clever accessory, its turning tool. The turning tool included with the Hydrology 9 is attached to the chamber and allows you to move the herbs without opening the chamber. With the chamber situated at the bottom of the unit, this allows for a lot more travelling space between the chamber and mouthpiece ensuring the coolest cleanest and most refreshing vapor possible.


As mentioned earlier in the article, the high quality aluminum finish together with the high end glass both contribute massively to a premium looking unit. The Hydrology 9 which is completely cylindrical in shape is larger than most portable vaporizers. While it may not have been designed with portability as its main concern it isn’t stupidly big and can be taken around discreetly in the right fashion. While there are more easily camouflaged units available there are none with the usability we can see with Hydrology 9. The overall attractiveness of the unit makes up for where it lacks in transportability, it’s perfectly machined parts and easy assembly make for a genuinely pleasant vaporizer. Being a unique design, the folks at Cloudious 9 were able to create a completely new genre in the vaporizer world with their Hydrology 9 vape and the appearance of the unit easily matches the performance.

Easy Controls

The Hydrology 9 uses controls similar to most vaporizers, only with an all the more regular occuring twist. The machine is easily turned on, using a 3 click activation button and can be turned off in the same fashion. There are 5 different temperature settings which are color coded and easily distinguishable with the light turning bright green when the temperature has reached the setpoint. This is a big advantage to have 5 different settings when single increment changes aren’t available as everybody has their own preferences. With the Hydrology 9 the higher the temperature is set the strong the vapor quality is, however, the taste doesn’t really seem affected like in some models where the taste is sacrificed to achieve greater vapor. If you hold the activation button down the glass area begins to change color in a cool and funky lights display which is a nice features that sure to leave you mesmerised after plenty of use.


After closer inspection it became clear as day how the Hydrology 9 has revolutionised the vaping world. The introduction of a liquid filtration mechanism together with a futuristic and luxurious design easily made up for the larger than average size. Its introduction of using water as a vapor cleanser and cooler is the first of its kind but certainly not the last and it’s for this reason we see the popularity go through the roof. The vapor it produced is hard to rival considering the distance it travelled to get there and the excellent flavors it creates is no doubt down to the ceramic chamber. The overall combination of looks, usability and innovative changes have sprung the Hydrology 9 vaporizer to the forefront of the market where its introduction of liquid filtration is sure to take off.

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