How to Use a Bong with Hash?

How to Use a Bong with Hash?

Hashish or hash is one of the most popular cannabis-derived products you can use in several different ways. You can smoke it in a bong, pipe, hookah, or joint, as well as dab, hot-knife, or vape it.


Using a bong is the easiest and most convenient way to smoke hash, and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Bongs are far from modern vaping devices that come with cartridges, atomizers, coils, and batteries. They’re just pipes made of heat-resistant glass, silicone, acrylic, or ceramics.


Before we get into the steps for using a bong with hash, let’s see how they work and why many people prefer them to joints.

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How Do Bongs Work?



There are many different types of bongs, coming in all shapes and sizes.


Classic or straight-tube bongs have nothing but a large tube with a water chamber and a removable, funnel-shaped stem tube with a bowl in which you put hash or any dried herb. Those are every bong’s main parts. The water chamber is necessary to filter out the smoke, eliminate dry heat, and provide you with cooler and smoother hits.


Chambered bongs have two or three separate water chambers to amplify the filtration process.


Percolator bongs are also multi-chambered and feature a percolator at the bottom for optimal filtration. Some modern bongs even have ash catchers, splash guards, and ice chambers for cooling the smoke.


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No matter which bong you use, the steps are the same. You fill it with water, load the bong bowl with hash or any dried and ground herb, light it, and start inhaling. But there are certain rules to follow to ensure an enjoyable hash experience and avoid inhaling tiny chunks of it through the mouthpiece.


Why Are Bongs a Better Alternative to Joints?



Bongs use water that filters out the smoke, which means fewer toxins from combustion enter your system. We can’t say they’re safer because you’re still smoking, but fewer dangerous chemicals make them a better option. Another advantage is a smoother smoking experience. Thanks to the filtration process, the smoke you inhale isn’t so harsh on your throat.


Bongs are also more convenient and cost-effective than joints. They don’t require regular investments, as you don’t need rolling papers. They’re quite affordable, easy to clean, and can last for years with proper maintenance and careful use.


5 Steps for Using a Bong with Hash



Now, since you know how bongs work and why you might prefer them to joints, let’s see how to use them with hash.


1.     Fill the Bong with Water


This step is pretty straightforward, but you need to know how much water to pour into the main tube. If you overdo it, water could enter the bowl with hash and even splash up into your mouth. If you pour too little, you could end up with dry and harsh hits.


The right water amount will depend on your bong’s size, but make sure it doesn’t exceed an inch above the stem tube’s tip. That’s the small tube on the side that contains a bong bowl.


2.     Break Up the Hash into Small Chunks


The process of cold-pressing the cannabis plant’s dried resin is what creates hashish. That’s why it’s quite a hard substance, usually available in the so-called hash bricks.


To smoke it, you need to break it up into tiny chunks. Use a scraper or knife to cut a bit of hash and break it up with your fingers. Some people prime it first, that is, warm it up with a lighter. That softens it and makes it easier to break up. You can also heat it in a microwave for no more than two minutes.


3.     Place a Mesh Screen into the Bong Bowl


Bong or mesh screens are some of the best accessories you could ever get for your bong. They prevent tiny chunks of hash, cannabis, or other dried herbs from escaping the bong bowl. You certainly wouldn’t want to suck them in on your first hit!


Mesh screens are round, look like sieves, and come in different sizes, so find one that fits your bong perfectly. Some bongs even have built-in mesh screens.


They can be glass, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, or titanium. Glass screens are the easiest to clean and don’t require frequent replacements as most of these other materials. Titanium screens are the most expensive but also the most durable.


4.     Load the Hash into the Bowl


This step doesn’t require any special knowledge. You simply place all the hash bits into the bowl, which sits at the top of the funnel-shaped stem tube that sticks into the bong.


If you don’t want to smoke only hash, you can mix it with cannabis or any other dried herb you prefer. That way, you’re also less likely to use up more hash than you need, and you’ll enjoy a better airflow.


Just make sure you grind the chosen dried herb first, load it into the bong bowl, and then sprinkle the hash on top of it.


5.     Light the Hash


Now that you’ve prepared the bong and packed the bowl, it’s time to light the hash (or any blend you’ve made) and start inhaling.


It’s important to inhale while simultaneously lighting the hash because it won’t burn like your regular joint. As you undoubtedly know, the top of the large tube serves as a mouthpiece.


If your bong has a hole known as a carburetor, make sure you cover it while lighting the hash on the first hit. That way, you’ll allow fresh air to enter the tube when you release the hold.




Using a bong with hash seems like a piece of cake now, doesn’t it? It really couldn’t be simpler. As long as you know what goes where and pour in the right amount of water, you’ll be in for an enjoyable smoking experience.


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