How To Take Your Pre-Roll Experience To The Next Level

How To Take Your Pre-Roll Experience To The Next Level

Rolls are one of the most common methods of taking cannabis. Experienced smokers can roll joints easily at any given time; however, some people may sometimes find it challenging because of the necessary skill, time, and materials needed to achieve this. For this reason, pre-rolls are a feasible option. 


Pre-rolls are typically made using machines, guaranteeing quality and consistency. They’re usually manufactured and sold in dispensaries, which have the expertise and equipment to design and make them. Pre-rolls come in various types and sizes and are packaged in wraps, cones, or paper. What’s more, many pre-roll companies offer strain-blending. Manufacturers usually blend several cannabis flowers for perfect flavor and potency.  


If you want to elevate your experience when smoking pre-rolls, consider these five tips. 

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Go For Infused Pre-rolls


Infused pre-rolls combine cannabis concentrates and flowers. If you’ve tried dabbing, you probably already understand the bliss that comes with concentrates. However, you can’t deny the rich flavors that joints can provide. Luckily, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with infused pre-rolls. 


They deliver the desired hit without compromising on flavor. For instance, THCa diamond pre rolls consist of THCA, the precursor cannabinoid to THC and responsible for getting one high. Since TCHA diamonds have no taste, the joints are made with flavor-rich cannabis flowers and add-ons like live resin or terpenes. The resulting product is highly potent and savory. 


Besides THCA diamond, pre-rolls can also be infused with distillates like kief, resin, wax, hash, and moon rocks. Most of these are cost-effective, ensuring you don’t go red while chasing after the high. 


When buying pre-rolls, ask the seller questions about the ingredients. Knowing the inclusions can help you make a better purchase decision and know what to expect when smoking. Just note that the options may be numerous, with most sellers custom branding pre-rolls. Your winning point is identifying a few reputable brands and sticking to them. 



Light Your Pre-Roll The Right Way


The key to enjoying the pre-rolls is lighting them correctly. Many beginners get discouraged when their pre-rolls go out constantly, deterring them from ever trying out the pre-rolls. You’d want to begin by selecting your preferred lighting method; a lighter or a match stick is fine. Then, grip the pre-roll on your hand. Only light up the tip of the roll because you could easily burn your fingers and the whole roll.  


Next, spin the pre-roll in your fingers to burn evenly. After that, you can begin taking one puff at a time. Take time to inhale the smoke and enjoy the hits. 


Ensure Your Pre-Roll Packaging Is Air And Watertight


Check the packaging your pre-rolls come in before you leave the dispensary. The pre-rolls could quickly become stale if exposed to air or moisture, so you’d want your pre-rolls packaged in an air- and watertight container. Dried-up pre-rolls lose flavor, which can destroy the entire experience.  


Moisture could also lead to mold growth which can taint the taste and harm your health. Moldy cannabis typically looks grayish-whitish, and you should never smoke such. Smoking moldy weed may cause you to cough, nauseate, or vomit. And if you’re allergic to mold, your sinuses and lungs can experience inflammation.


Store Your Pre-Rolls Properly


Proper storage of your pre-rolls helps preserve their taste. Thus, ensure you store the unused ones properly. Whether you go for bags, jars, tubes, or boxes, keep them in a place that doesn’t have high temperatures or doesn’t receive direct sunlight. A cool, dry place often works the magic.  


Pick The Right Environment


You’d want to elevate your experience by smoking your pre-roll in a safe and comfortable environment. Choosing a site for your smoking session is purely subjective.  


While others find backyards a perfect place, others like smoking on the rooftop, in the streets, while hiking, or in clubs. Smoking with friends while making jokes or reminiscing memories is commonplace among cannabis fans.  


Another helpful trick is smoking while listening to your favorite mixes. Music has a way of elevating your mood, thus enhancing the high.  




Pre-rolls are a quick way to take cannabis. They feature a perfect mix of flavors and strains. Your only responsibility is to identify dependable stores that sell premium quality pre-rolls for guaranteed satisfaction.  


It’d help to inquire about the cannabis strains used for the pre-roll and the additives infused in it. Any reputable brand will list these ingredients on the package’s label. Most importantly, smoke in your most comfortable area for a blissful experience.




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