How to take CBD oil drops: everything you need to know 

How to take CBD oil drops: everything you need to know 


Cannabis use has been traced back as early as 2500 years ago in China and is believed to be one of the earliest plants to be cultivated. And as science has progressed over the meliniums, we are starting to realize the potency of the various components of the cannabis plant.


The study of cannabidiol (CBD) found in the plant and its effects on the human body, specifically the endocannabinoid system which is believed to have a deep influence on sleep, mood, appetite, memory and fertility has become a strong topic in the scientify community. 


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And with the explosion of CBD products coming on the market, funding and curiosity are slowly enabling science to support the benefits of CBD in all its form


If you’re interested in trying CBD, then CBD oil is one of the most versatile products to consume. In this article we’ll dive into how to take CBD oil drops, dosing, quality, and the overall health benefits that CBD can provide.


Methods of Consuming CBD Oil:


CBD oil is easy to consume and mix with other products. The only limitation is the user’s imagination. Here are some common and well documented ways to consume CBD oil:




Sublingual consumption is the process by which something is placed beneath the tongue in order to be absorbed by the body. The area has a significant convertration of capillary which allows a product like CBD oil to be absorbed quickly into the blood stream. 


Place a few drops of CBD oil from a tincture using an eyedropper just below the tongue and leaving it there for 30 seconds. The effects should be relatively quick




CBD oil capsules are practical and easy for dosing. Having a pill to swallow might be easier than carrying around a bottle with a medicine dropper. It’s no different that taking a supplement. 


Effects do take longer than sublingual consumption since it needs to be digested first. Typically the effects can be felt within 20 and 30 minutes





Liquids are great ways to consume CBD oil as they are easy to mix and take little time to digest. Some folks enjoy morning coffee or smoothes and find that putting a few drops of CBD oil is an ideal way to start their day. 


CBD oil can have an earthy taste to them and sometimes blending it with a drink can reduce the harshness. 


Another common use of CBD oil in drinks is in cocktails and alcoholic beverages.




People are quite creative in the ways they consume CBD. Food is a great way to add this to your daily routine. 


Try CBD oil in salad dressing, sweets like cookies and brownies, or in homemade candy like gummies or caramel. If you check out any website selling CBD products, you can find a number of different food products laced with CBD. Even potato chips


The biggest challenge with adding CBD to food is proper dosing. This is something you’ll need to test and research to ensure you’re getting the right amount. It is especially difficult if you’re making large quantities of food embedded with CBD oil.


Balms and Rubs


Many CBD consumers take CBD for specific ailments. And if those ailments are more muscular or bone related like inflammation or arthritis, it is sometimes better to concentrate the CBD right on the problem areas. 


Balms and rubs infused with CBD oil can be a great way to ensure the problem area is getting the majority of the benefit. There are a number of products on the market today that that you can purchase or you can even make these at home




While vaping has received a bad rap over the years, it is still a common way to ingest CBD oil. Products have come a long way in recent years to provide a safer and tastier experience for vaping CBD oil.


The benefit of vaping is that the CBD can be absorbed pretty quickly through the lungs. And many products offer “single use” cartridges that can then be thrown out. This helps with dosing as these are measured out for a 1 time use. And they are also cleaner since they are not reused.




CBD in cosmetics has become a massive business. Makeup,  lipstick, lotions, shampoos, hair gel, facemasks and more are now infused with CBD. Many consumers swear by their effectiveness. 




The list of products containing CBD and CBD oils continues to grow. Bath bombs, lube, hand sanitzer, chewing tabacco, toothpast, suppositoties, toothpicks, and yes, even toiletpaper. 


Incredibly enough, now CBD is starting to be integrated into clothing and fabric. Acabada Active has started a line of athletic apparel using CBD within the fibers and Royal Heritage Home uses CBD in their latest line of bed sheets. 


So there are a number of different ways to consume CBD. It is important to test and see what works best for you




Dosing and Timing

There is no “best time” to take CBD oil. If your goal is to make it a part of your daily routine, then it’s best to find a time where you can consistently take the product of your choice. 


Some use it to help with insomnia and therefore prefer to take it in the evening before going to bed. While others want to make sure they take their dose daily and make it part of their morning routine, like exercise or breakfast. They’ll have it with their coffee or breakfast smoothie. 


There have been a few studies conducted around the benefits of CBD, and overall the general belief is that CBD works best when taken over time. So making it part of your routine and being consistent about taking it may show more improvements around the specific ailments you’re looking to improve. It is possible to just take CBD sporadically to alleviate flareups at specific times, an ongoing practice can be more beneficial


Dosing is one of the most challenging discussion points when it comes to CBD oil. Dosing depends on many factors like how it is taken, the size of the individual, how much cannabis and CBD consumption the person has had in their lives, and general tolerance. 


It is best to start very slowly with low quantities and work up. Look for manufacturer’s recommendations and if there aren’t any, try to reach out to the manufacturer to get information. 


Here’s another article that may assist in determining proper dosing.


Importance of Quality


As a product that you are ingesting on a regular basis to improve your health, it is important to select only the highest quality products. There is no point in taking something that may harm other parts of your body.


 There are a few factors that are important in determining the quality of CBD:


Type of CBD  

Determine if you want an isolate or full spectrum and then understand the benefits of each. Not all CBD is created equal. 


Hemp Sources

Find out the source of the hemp. Hemp is the plant from where which the CBD has been derived and finding a cultivator with a strong reputation can help make sure the product is good


Extraction Method

There are various extraction methods that can be used to extract CBD from the hemp plant. Some use harsh chemicals that can be left behind. It’s important to do research here.



Price isn’t everything however often high quality products  derived from strong plants using the right extraction process will be higher. These companies don’t cut corners and have to pass on the cost to you, the consumer


Independent Lab Test

A CBD company should provide 3rd party independent lab test results for all of its products. This is your only true “seal of approval” to confirm that the product you are ingesting is top quality.


You should analyze and compare a number of products to familiarize yourself with what the test results should look like. If you’re still not sure, call the lab testing company and ask for more information


Isolate Vs Full Spectrum


Most CBD oils will be either Isolates or Full Spectrum. Isolate means that the CBD compound is isolated from any other compounds. Full Spectrum means consuming the other terpenes and cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.


Studies have shown that the body has an easier time absorbing CBD in its natural whole plant form (i.e. Full Spectrum). However, full spectrum will have some traces of THC (albeit less than 0.3%) but in some cases, this can be enough to trigger a positive reading on a drug test.


Depending on your line of work and company’s policies, it is worth noting. Neither product will get you high, but it’s important to note that THC is present.


Benefits of CBD Oil


While there have been a number of clinical CBD studies, much more research is being done to examine the effectiveness, ideal dosing and overall value of CBD. But there has been some solid evidence that points to CBD being potentially able to assist with the following ailments: 



If you are looking to take CBD for a specific ailment, it is recommended to speak to your doctor and look for the latest outcomes from clinical studies. The rise of CBD has increased the focus and funding of these trials and the expectation is for more data in the coming years.




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