How to Roll a Cone: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Roll a Cone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lighting up a joint in the morning could be the difference between an average day and a great one. There are a variety of joints to choose from, depending on your preferences, but cones are by far one of the most popular options. While companies that produce pre-rolled cones and packaging for weed make things easier for everyone, sometimes you just want to roll your own cone at home. When the mood strikes, you can follow these steps to learn how to roll a cone and get the perfect smoking experience every time.


What You Need


  • Cannabis strain of your choice
  • A grinder to break up the herb
  • Rolling paper (preferably 100% organic)
  • Hard paper to make the crutch or filter
  • A small object (like a pen) to help with compacting the joint


Step 1: Prepare Your Weed


Delta Extrax

While it is possible to use your bare hands to break down the flower, you may end up creating a blunt, joint, or cone that doesn’t burn evenly. A grinder allows you to break the herb down to your desired size while avoiding clumps or large pieces. This is a key step to crafting the perfect cone that provides smooth hits, just like the pre-rolled cones you may be used to.


Step 2: Making a Homemade Filter


Learning how to roll a cone all by yourself? Once you have your herb, it’s time to start building a filter. Some people overlook the need for a filter, but they provide several advantages, regulating your intake of smoke per hit and preventing bits of cannabis from getting into your mouth. Stiff paper, like a business card or piece of construction paper, is one of the more readily available materials you can use to craft your own filter.


Using the paper, make repeated V-shaped folds. Keep in mind that the more Vs you make, the tighter your cone will be. Once you’ve created the desired number of folds, cover them entirely using the remaining material. The idea is to create a filter that will fit perfectly between your fingers for a comfortable smoking session.


After you’ve created your filter, use a razor to get rid of the excess material so that your filter is the perfect size and weight. Don’t worry if it’s somewhat flexible, as this will help it hold the cone together.


Step 3: Placing Your Weed on the Rolling Paper


Position the crutch on one end of the rolling paper, allowing part of it to stick out over the edge. With precision, place the herb on the paper, using a small amount on the side with the filter and increasing the amount as you move toward the opposite end. By now, you should have something that looks a little like a tiny baseball bat.


If your paper isn’t creased, you can do that yourself beforehand and use it as a center point for positioning the herb.


Step 4: Rolling Your Cone


You are now at the most critical step of learning how to roll a cone. Rolling a cone requires a gentle yet firm touch, and it’s easy to get it wrong on your first few tries. Here are some tips for getting your roll on:


  1. Pick up one corner of your rolling paper and fold it over so that it touches the herb.
  2. Hold it carefully between your thumb and fingers, and start rolling the loaded joint, occasionally running your thumb across the length to pack the herb firmly together.
  3. To assist with this process, try rolling the thicker side of the rolling paper with a little more force.
  4. Just before you finish it off, lick the whole length of the remaining paper and continue rolling while maintaining the initial orientation of the cone to ensure it remains smooth and even.


At this point, you should see your joint come to life.


Step 5: Compacting Your Cone


All that remains is to make your cone nice and firm. Start by tucking in the crutch that’s hanging out of the rolling paper, then lift your cone with the filter facing down and gently tap it on a table or another flat surface. You will notice the herb becomes more compact, leaving the wider end empty. Lastly, use your pen to push the remaining herb inside. You may repeat these two steps until you’re satisfied with your joint.


Step 6: The Final Touch


A user holding a complete homemade cone


If you have done it right, there should be a gap between the herb and the end of your cone that you can hold. Squeeze the extra paper carefully as you twist it to seal the cone.


Now you’re done, and the prize is all yours for the taking. Hopefully, your cone is even, perfectly shaped, and sealed for portability.


Practice Makes Perfect


Smoking is arguably one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. But if you are learning how to roll a cone for the first time, keep in mind that it takes some practice. Everyone has dealt with a loose joint, non-functional filter, torn paper, or an uneven shape that doesn’t burn smoothly. It’s all part of the learning process!


One straightforward way to avoid these mistakes is by carrying out each step of the process with the care and attention it deserves. Precision and practice are the keys to rolling the perfect joint that burns evenly and doesn’t get chunks of herb in your mouth. By following the steps above, you’ll be an expert in no time.


Using a Pre-Rolled Cone


Not interested in the extra work of learning how to roll a cone? Thankfully, there are other options available! Pre-rolled cones are affordable, convenient, and easy to share with friends and carry with you wherever you go. Not to mention you’ll be getting a smooth, even smoking experience every time. If you’re having difficulty rolling your own cones, save yourself some time by shopping around online or at your local cannabis dispensary to find the pre-rolls that work best for you!



Author Bio: Leah McPherson works with The Cones Factory and has experience working with several other companies in the CBD and cannabis industries. She writes from her home in North Carolina.

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