How to Remodel Your House With Cannabis Inspired Home Decor

How to Remodel Your House With Cannabis Inspired Home Decor

Unlike the olden days when cannabis decorations for the home were exaggerated, the present-day marijuana home decor is quite subtle. In those days, the cannabis business was forbidden and so getting decorations with any iota of cannabis touch was rare. Nowadays, many places have legalized marijuana and the stigma attached to it is gradually fading off.


Cannabis has now become a part of people’s everyday lifestyle that a number of people now integrate cannabis into tasteful and sophisticated home decors. Cannabis-inspired decorations can be large, little, quiet, or loud. No matter how you would prefer it, the main purpose of integrating it into your home decor is to make your interiors look unusual but inviting. Let us have a look at how you can remodel your house using cannabis-inspired home decorations.


Cannabis furniture for the parlor


Having a piece of cannabis-inspired furniture in your home doesn’t mean having a  table or chairs that are adorned with cannabis leaves. Most cannabis connoisseurs work hard to promote the use of the plant in making a wide variety of durable materials that are sustainable. This is because the fibers of the plant can be woven into clothing materials that can form the coverings for furniture in the house.



It is an attractive choice for people who love to use plants for the purpose of home decorations. Adding a piece of hemp furniture to your home is one way to bring in some cannabis style in a sophisticated way. There are other ways that you can integrate cannabis decor into your existing furniture. Those who are really inspired to add a bit of cannabis style to their designs of different furniture, always find ways to construct something unique either with the branches, stem, or leaves of the plant.


Cannabis-inspired decors for the bedroom


Those who love to use cannabis-inspired furniture also like this style incorporated in their bedrooms. Most of these people prefer to use mattresses made from hemp-woven fibers and also like their beddings to have touches of decorations using the stems or leaves. The mattresses are made of all-natural fibers that are free of pesticides. They are also eco-friendly. It can have a tufted hemp filling or the cover of the mattress could be made of woven cannabis plant fibers. The duvet covers can feature giant marijuana leaves in print designs. The hemp fibers can even be woven to stand as the covering of the duvet. You can accent the bedding with throw pillows made featuring leaves of marijuana.


Using hempcrete to construct your kitchen slabs and other concrete constructions


During your house remodeling, you get to do some concrete work. For example, you might want to reconstruct your kitchen slab to make it wider for what you get to do regularly in the kitchen. This could require breaking what was in existence and rebuilding it all over again. Hempcrete can be used for casting instead of concrete.


Hempcrete is a biocomposite material and a mixture of hemp hurds, sand, and lime. The lime part consists of air lime which is formulated to speed up the setting process. Hempcrete may not be as strong as concrete but it has its advantages which is why with less strength, it is about $50 dollars costlier per square meter. Other advantages of using hempcrete are:


  • Its fire resistance
  • Its pest resistance
  • Its strong insulating property
  • Its mildew resistance



Apart from these, it releases moisture. It is also a better regulator of temperature in the home and definitely the ideal option in humid conditions. Apart from using hempcrete for the kitchen slab remodeling, you can also use it to cast flower vases and construct any other structures you would have done with concrete. You don’t have to use the hempcrete for every concrete work in the house though but you can blend it in for some constructions to have that green feeling around your home.


Cannabis decor for walls


With cannabis becoming more popular around the world due to the gradual lifting of bans on its use, people have found ways to bring the cannabis style to their wall beautification when remodeling their homes. One of these ways is by buying fantastic pieces of wall art for their parlors and bedrooms. Cannabis-inspired wall decorations can come in different forms. Apart from getting wall arts, Some people actually preserve and frame the real plant in something transparent. These are hung in strategic places on the walls.


There are also wallpapers with cannabis plant designs on them which can be used to decorate the walls and give the parlor or bedroom that green aura. The noticeable thing about cannabis decors is how it is able to accentuate the underlying beauty of nature. Photographs and paintings on the wall depicting drifts of smoke also encourage the observer to free his or her mind. Making a cannabis-inspired decor for walls to work and give that natural feeling is not an easy job. You might want to call for the help of general contractors for this one especially if you are remodeling your house or in the process of building a new one.



Using cannabis plants in vases for decorations


As part of your house remodeling process, you can take out the regular flower vases in your parlor or from your balcony and replace them with cannabis plants in hempcrete-casted vases. You can even put some in corners of your room to send that aura of relaxation to you while you are lying in your bed.


Some of these ways of refurbishing your house cannabis-wise are already in practice around the globe. Remodeling your house this way could be very tasking and costly. However, looking at what you have transformed your home interior into will make you nod triumphantly. You can then enjoy the new features your home has got for you and occasionally have friends come over for visits and take notes from some of your ideas about nature and its expressiveness.





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