How to Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds?

How to Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds?

Discussion revolving around the legalization status of marijuana is generating awareness about its abundant benefits to several health concerns. If you are someone eager to become a part of the green herb revolution, you must know every bit of details relating to it. We know the uses of its flower, but the supremacy of its seeds is also worth considering.


How to identify the quality of marijuana seeds? It is a significant query of those thinking about capitalizing on marijuana plants. Seeds are the fundamental of productive marijuana plants and to recognize and pick the best on the market needs practice. A lot of factors contribute to classifying good from the bad. The article will highlight a few marijuana seeds’ characteristics that can summarize its quality.


Shade and Feel


The shade of marijuana seeds can indicate their potential. Superior quality seeds display particular shades that make them eligible for yielding or consumption. They are visually pleasant looking with a shine on its surface. Look for brown, grey, or black colored seeds that show their maturity. Immature seeds are more of lighter shades like light green, or whitish.


In terms of texture, seeds that exhibit dark spots or stripes, and patterns similar to a turtle shell are the healthiest ones. Also, these should be smooth to touch with a wax-like protective layering. Discard those with broken or scratched surfaces. Auto-flowering seeds are the most sought ones as they are healthier and need less time to grow.


Size and Solidity


If you get an opportunity to compare different seeds, check their sizes. Healthy marijuana seeds are supposedly bigger. Growers assume that bigger sizes contain more nutrients and likely to grow into a productive plant. These expedite the development process and yield a fruitful plant. Small size seeds may take a longer time to germinate. There can be an array of sizes ranging from a tomato seed size to pea-size. Select the larger ones, uniform, or teardrop shape.


Good quality marijuana seeds are hard. When you hold them between your fingers and try to squeeze it, they should not break. The seed’s resistance to such pressure will indicate how useful it will be. The solidity shows the strength of both the inner and outer shell of the seed. When you buy weed online, you check the potency and other details. Similarly, if you wish to buy seeds online verify the quality before you purchase.


Maturity at Harvest


Healthy seeds are ready to harvest when it attains maturity. Only a fully mature seed can deliver a high-quality outcome. When breeders collect the seed before the plant could entirely use the nutrients and energy stored in it, the seed will not yield the best output. It will start with its insufficiency and in deficit. As mentioned above, the color of seeds will help you find out whether the seeds are mature or immature.




Marijuana seeds can last for a long time if stored properly. The preservation methods will help sustain its potency. Try to store them in a cool, dark, and dry place, keeping it away from severe temperature conditions. You can search for Ontario weed online or other trustworthy sellers to buy quality seeds.


Some Tests to Recognize


The Sheen Test: In this test, you can use a torch or sunlight. Put the seeds under the light and notice for any waxy and glossy protective coating on the surface. If the seeds reveal such characteristics, then they are healthy and qualify for harvesting.


The Float Test: Take a glass of distilled water and put different sizes of seeds on it. Let it stay for some time, and you come back you will see some of them are floating while others have sunk. The one that sinks is healthy. Those that float might be old and have lost moisture overtime.


Germination Test: If you have bought the seeds, one thing you can do to recognize is germinating it for a week. Use the cheesecloth or towel method where you need to leave it on a surface and put the seeds over it in an organized manner. Damp the cloth in boiled water to avoid contamination. Then cover the seeds and put it in a clean empty bottle. After a week or so, you will see nodes growing into the seeds. If they are not, probably discarding them would be a wise decision instead of investing further on it.




You give your trust and your money in buying marijuana seeds with the hope that it will bring you profits. Hence, ensuring the quality will lead you to achieve positive results. Suggestions from veteran growers will benefit you in making correct choices. Also, find a reliable source with reputation and sufficient experience of breeding to purchase the seeds. It will secure your efforts and guarantee output.

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