How To Properly Store Your Vape Hardware

How To Properly Store Your Vape Hardware

Vaping is emerging as a popular subculture today. The markets are brimming with different kinds of vaping gears and devices that you can choose from. Whether you are just a newbie or a pro vaping enthusiast, you must agree that your vaping device is essential to you. You have not only put a lot of effort into searching and selecting the suitable one but have also invested money into it. Naturally, you would like to get the best vaping sessions from it. To continue having the best experience, it becomes imperative to take good care of the hardware.


Are you wondering how to store your vape hardware properly to prolong its life? Read on to find out the best ways of storing vape devices for a longer time.


What constitutes vaping hardware?


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Before you delve deeper into finding ways to store your vape devices, it is essential to know which parts are known as the hardware. You must take care of every part of the vaporizer by cleaning and storing it the right way for improved performance. Here are the parts of a vaping device known as the hardware:


●     Tank


The tank is the part of your vaping device that holds the wick and coil. It is used to store the e-liquid or vape juice that produces vapor for you to inhale. There are three different types of tanks, known as an atomizer, cartomizer, and clearomizer.


●     Battery


The battery is used for powering the vaping device. The energy heats the e-juice to produce vapor. While a few devices have in-built batteries that can’t be replaced, others can have rechargeable batteries.


●     Coil


Coil, also known as the atomizer head, begins to heat up when the device is powered. It vaporizes the liquid within the wicking material inside an atomizer. If you are looking for a high-grade coil, you must opt for a safe baby beast mesh coil.


●     Charger


If your vape has a rechargeable battery, you will need a charger for it. The charger will help you recharge the vaporizer and enjoy continued vaping sessions for a long time.


●     Wick


The wick, or wicking material, draws the liquid into the coil to heat and then vaporize. They can be made from rayon, cotton, ceramic, or even wool.

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How can you store your vape hardware properly?


Every vaping enthusiast spends a lot of time and energy going through the different vaping devices available and choosing the best one. While you focus on getting the right product, you might neglect an essential part of owning a vape – its storage. The way you store your device can determine its life, functionality, and performance. If you’re looking for the best ways to store your vaporizer, follow these tips:


1.   Unplug the charger.


There is no doubt that vape chargers don’t last for a long time, to begin with. When you don’t store it properly or care for it, the charger may die even sooner. You can start by unplugging the charger when you are not using it. While it may seem like a small task, it can certainly go a long way in prolonging its life. Since it doesn’t have a button to turn it off, the charger will continue utilizing power. It is best to unplug the charger and keep it in a safe place when you aren’t using it.


2.   Keep the batteries encased.


The battery is essentially the life of your vaping device, making it crucial to take care of it. The best thing you can do to store the battery is keep it in the protective case that it came in or any kind of a cover. When you keep the battery loose in a drawer or carry it in your pockets or bag, it will adversely affect life and performance. If it comes in contact with dirt or water by any chance, it will render the battery useless and hamper your vaping sessions. Upon using such a battery, it may even cause damage to your vaporizer.


3.   Always keep it indoors.


The most critical thing to remember when storing your vape is always to keep it indoors. Leaving the hardware outdoors can cause damage to the device and hamper its performance. The vaporizer can be subjected to extreme temperature, moisture, and sunlight, which is harmful to the device. You must find a dry, dark, and cool place to store your vaporizer.


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4.   Keep the spare parts together.


Did your vape kit come with a lot of spare parts? Or did you get extra parts to use in times of a crisis? There are chances that these spare parts will not come in use for a long time. If the spare parts are scattered carelessly in a drawer, they might not even be in working condition when it is time to use them. Collect all the spare parts and store them in a safe place.


5.   Choose a secure and safe location.


To minimize any damage, you must select a storage location that is safe and secure. It must not be where the vape hardware can easily fall or risk being damaged by any other way. The device and vape juice must be away from sunlight, moisture, and heat.


If you have either children or pets at home, you must make sure it is out of their reach. You can choose a place for vaping hardware either at a height, so they can’t reach it, or in a drawer or cabinet that you can lock. It will help keep your vaporizer safe from pets or kids and avoid any damage.

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Final Thoughts


A vaping device is a treasured asset for most enthusiasts. Storing your vaporizer the right way is just as important as buying and maintaining it. If you want to use your vaping device to the fullest, you must take the necessary steps to store it carefully. It will ensure your vaporizer is efficient, functional and offers you long vaping sessions. Whether you already have vaping hardware or plans to invest in a new one, keep the tips in mind to store it properly.

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