How to Make Edibles Without Smelling Up Your Home

How to Make Edibles Without Smelling Up Your Home

Making edibles can be, and often is a fun and enjoyable experience. And given at the end of the process you have marijuana-infused food or drink that’s ready to consume whenever you see fit, it’s also clearly a rewarding one!


However, when trying to make edibles you may be in a situation where you don’t want your house or apartment to smell of marijuana as you cook and after you cook. This may be because you live with your parents or a roommate who doesn’t approve of it and you don’t feel like arguing, or maybe you’re in an apartment complex with hallways that could easily waft of marijuana if you have to open your door for any reason. Whatever the reason may be, it’s a question that many people have, and one that we will seek to answer in this article.

So without further ado:

How to Make Edibles Without Stinking Up the House

Here are a few tips for how to avoid smelling up your home of marijuana when trying to make edibles.

  • Place candles strategically through the kitchen (at least two), living room and by the door. It may sound like overkill, but use 4-6 if in a small to medium size apartment, and 6-8 if living in a moderate to large house.
  • If you have incense, do the same as above but use a bit less as incense is typically much stronger. Do 3-4 if in a small to medium apartment (at least 1 in the kitchen) and 5-6 if in a moderate to large house.
  • Once finished cooking, open up all of your windows for at least an hour, while keeping the candles or incense lit. Once you put out the candle or incense, let leave the windows open for another half an hour.

Purchasing Pre-Made Marijuana Butter or Oil

If the option is available to you, it will help a lot with the smell if instead of making marijuana butter and oil yourself (which can cause a heavy smell), you by pre-made marijuana butter or oil from a marijuana store or dispensary.

If you do this it won’t void the smell when cooking entirely so we still recommend following the points above, but this will make it even more certain that smell won’t be an issue.

When buying pre-made marijuana butter or oil, you also have the option of placing them on or in something that doesn’t require any additional cooking.

For example:

  • Make a salad dressing out of the marijuana oil
  • Melt marijuana butter and spread it out on some popcorn, or anything else you’d put melted butter on
  • Mix the marijuana oil with vinegar and dip bread in it
  • Etc., etc.!

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