How to Know If A CBD Oil Is Genuine or Not?

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How to Know If A CBD Oil Is Genuine or Not?

After the legalization of cannabis in most states, the use of CBD has greatly increased. As a result, you will realize the use of CBD in many places such as health stores, and coffee shops, among other places. Additionally, the CBD is currently being mixed with drinks, lotions, and cocktails. For this reason, it is now readily and easily available on the market.

With the rise in the use of CBD, many companies and brands are coming up all promising to offer a huge list of CBD oils. Most of these brands are unscrupulous artists providing low quality and fake CBD oil and try to rip off some of your money. Unfortunately, telling between genuine and fake CBD oil is easier said than done, especially if you lack experience in the area. However, with a few regulations, it is possible for you to identify such CBD oil and evade it as it ends up causing more harm than good.

Read on to understand the difference between genuine and fake CBD oil and how to tell apart the two without falling into the traps set by good marketing strategies and advertisements.

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Source of the CBD Oil

Like it is the case when getting any other product, the place where you get the CBD oil dramatically determines whether the oil is genuine or not. For instance, when you opt to buy weed online, you need to ensure that it is from a trustworthy forum. Similarly, when purchasing the CBD oil, look or ask the selling company where they get the hemp used to prepare the oil.

A study shows that the source of the hemp used to prepare the oil determines the quality of the CBD oil produced. After you know where the hemp is from, check to see whether it is identified by the state since all hemp farmers should register with the department of agriculture. You can visit the manufacturer’s website or go through their support center to know where the hemp is from. When the source of the hemp is well known, the high chances are that the CBD oil is genuine and of high quality.

Confirm the Amount of THC Available in the Oil

THC, which is also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound present in marijuana Sativa or Indica and agricultural hemp used to manufacture CBD oil. According to a study, this is the substance used to give a psychoactive effect or what users refer to as the ‘high’. For CBD oil to be genuine, the THC levels need not exceed 0.3%. Therefore, before you purchase the CBD oil, ask for the lab results on the THC level. You can also check the label on the oil to see the concentration of THC indicated.

Look for Third-Party Lab Results

If the manufacturer selling you the CBD oil is genuine, they will always give you third-party lab results. These are the results that show that the quality of the oil has been tested to ensure that it is favorable for use. The labs exist independently and help show that the oil you buy is everything that it should be. Therefore, do not buy oil from a company where you do not have evidence of the third-party lab results. In some instances, the results will be displayed on the packing bag or the company’s website or both. In case you do not find the results in any of these areas, then you can confirm it with the company. In case they are reluctant in giving you the results, this should be a red flag and look for another source of buying the CBD oil.

The Manufacturing of the CBD Oil

Considering that the CBD oil industry is new in the market, there are no regulations on how the manufacturing process should be. For this reason, different companies can use different policies and procedures to make the CBD oil. However, for you to ensure that the oil you are purchasing is genuine and secure, you should check the manufacturing method used. Visit the manufacturer’s website to see the production methods used and range to see whether the quality is genuine. In case the website does not have the information, you can also consult a customer representative to give you the information. Ideally, the most recommended process should be though the use of ethanol or through the extraction of carbon dioxide.

Reviews of People Who Have Used the Same Oil Before

When buying the CBD oil, it is advisable to check the reviews of people who have used the same oil before. Additionally, you can get such information from the company’s website or from social media platforms. The information can also be available in areas where you go to review marijuana products. Your friends who have used the oil from the same company you intend to purchase can also tell you the kind of experience they had using the oil. The reviews that these people give will guide you on whether or not the CBD oil is worth your investment.


CBD oil is a useful supplement that you can use to help solve several problems in your body. However, with the increase in its demand in the market, you might find poor qualities and fake types of CBD oils. Use the information above to differentiate between fake and genuine CBD oils.

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