How To Get NY Medical Marijuana Cards


How To Get NY Medical Marijuana Cards

New York now offers the option for its residents to qualify for medical marijuana cards. This card can provide individuals with access to cannabis, which is believed to provide relief or assistance for countless disorders. But how do you obtain a medical marijuana card in NY? The process is actually quite simple!


Step #1: Prove that you are a New York resident


The first step in getting a medical marijuana card in NY is to make sure you meet the program’s criteria. To participate in this medical program, you must prove your current residency in New York State. You will need so show proof and the following documents are acceptable:

  • ID number of driving license
  • ID card with NYS address
  • Copy of any utility bill that shows your current residence in NY


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Step # 2 Eligibility


If you meet the criteria from step one, then you need a qualifying medical condition. People with any of the following diagnoses can apply for NY medical marijuana cards:

  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s/Huntingtons’s disease
  • ALS
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic pain
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • PTSD
  • Neuropathy

While any one of the above medical condition diagnoses may not automatically qualify you, working with a physician specializing in medical marijuana can determine your eligibility and get you on the right path.


Step #3 Recommendation


Next you’ll need to obtain a certification from an approved physician. When discussing with your specialized physician, it’s crucial to be completely honest about your health situation and explain why you believe a treatment that includes medical marijuana can benefit you. In the end, this is similar to a doctor’s prescription therefore the doctor must be aligned that cannabis is right for you.


Step #4 Patient Application


After these three steps, you have to fulfill the patient application for the NY medical marijuana program. This application will be completed through the state government website by creating an account and clicking on “Health Applications.”


Step #5 Purchases


Once your application has been approved, you can get your medical card and begin purchasing medical marijuana at the dispensary.

Note: Medical insurance plans are not currently covering this service.


Patient cultivation and possession

You, as a patient, are not allowed to perform cultivating cannabis in New York State. Growing medical marijuana products is a job for registered organizations.

Your physician ultimately limits your possession or purchase. In this regard, NY is different from other states. Doctors recommend the exact brand, methods, and requirements.


How to Renew Your Card


An approved physician can do the renewal. Any qualified NY physician can do recertification. Keep in mind that you won’t be allowed to purchase medical marijuana if your Registry ID is expired. Because of this, plan to see a doctor beforehand to get recertification before your ID expires. Recertifying is extremely fast and easy.


Bottom Line


New York has the most unique program amongst the states. Doctors’ approach to prescribing marijuana in NY is much like prescribing pharmaceuticals: they determine the exact brand, method, type, even dosing of marijuana, just as you would for any other prescription.

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