How Cannabis Can Help Seniors Improve Their Quality Of Life

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How Cannabis Can Help Seniors Improve Their Quality Of Life


Senior citizens can enjoy a heightened quality of life thanks to the immense, versatile therapeutics of cannabis. Whether you’re smoking, dabbing, vaping, or using CBD oil and infusions, there is always a way to get potent pain relief and a noticeable lift to your mood. If you’re open cured dried herbs, then there are endless strains of marijuana to choose from, each giving a profoundly different effect. Same goes for the various concentrations of cannabinoids in CBD-oils and extracts, as well as other products like edibles. Getting the medical benefits doesn’t mean that you need to get high, and if you do, there are tons of options for you. Let’s take a close look at how cannabis can help seniors improve their quality of life.

Cannabis improves mental acuity & supplies a neuroprotective effect

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THC is showing potential as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other clinical conditions of cognitive decline. Studies show that low doses of THC directly interact with the amyloid beta peptides inhibiting their aggregation. These peptides are found in high concentrations in Alzheimer’s patients leading researchers to believe that regular supplementation will slow the onset and possibly prevent this condition. Low-doses of THC also improves the functioning of mitochondria while not inhibiting melatonin in any way. This is yet another therapeutic effect that is highly beneficial to preserving cognition and mental acuity as we age.


Cannabis is cost-effective and a safe alternative to common medicine

You don’t get a safer herbal treatment than cannabis. It is impossible to overdose, and the only adverse effects come from combustion and other compounds when smoking or vaping using a less than clinically safe manner. Get the best dry herb vaporizer you can and the right strain of cannabis, and you’ve got the better medication than almost anything out there. Sublingual administration, cannabis edibles, CBD oil, cannabis extracts, controlled heat vapor, and other highly controlled means of therapy are far safer than any modern medicine. There are no long-term side effects, and any undesirable effect can be mitigated by changing the concentration or the size of your dose. Cannabis treatments are cheap in comparison to chronic medication and can even be used safely alongside any existing therapy or course of drugs.


Cannabis and other cannabis-derived products grant fixed-duration pain relief

When you establish your favorite way of using cannabis, you’ll also notice that sticking to the same dose or edible always brings on a similar effect. That’s if you stick to the same strain of cannabis, of course! Curing also makes a difference, but despite these variables, the pain relief is pretty predictable. For example, the best CBD vape juices should give you comfort for at least two to three hours after having just two or three, and there is no high. Certain types of edibles or infusions will give the wrong kind of effect for a day’s productivity while others are perfect for pain relief, even in a high-paced social setting. Make sure that you try all your options making a note of the effects so that you always know which type of smoking, vaping or edible is best suited to the duration and intensity of pain relief that you want.


Medical marijuana acts as a preventative treatment for many diseases & conditions

One of the most profound medical benefits of cannabis is the way that it reduces inflammation. Regular use even alleviates chronic inflammatory conditions. As we all know, inflammation is the breeding ground of disease. When we supplement with CBD and other compounds, we’re effectively boosting our immune function and creating an effective defense against pathogens. The endocannabinoid system expresses itself across the whole body while countless compounds present in cannabis display strong antioxidant and chemotherapeutic action. The immediate relief from pain, swelling, anxiety, inflammation, and even depression is something that continues to benefit you over a long-term. Supplementation curbs the severity and frequency of many symptoms and addresses core preventative issues at the same time.


Regular supplementation with cannabis improves your general quality of life

Marijuana gives the user confirmed medical relief from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. The sheer lift in mood is enough for some users to warrant regular use while none can deny the way that cannabis has helped countless people escape the clutches of depression. Clinical studies have shown that marijuana helps treat social anxiety disorder over a long-term period. Other than the emotional wellness benefits, cannabis use also promotes a healthy appetite without promoting weight gain. Older individuals will love the way that pain is relieved without needing to have a psychoactive effect accompanying treatment. Simply stick to CBD products. Even sleep quality improves as a result of cannabis-based therapy. A full span of wellness benefits ensures that the general quality of life is improved for all users, especially those with physical ailments.


Lift your mood, health & energy levels today

If you like spending hours in the kitchen, then look toward the wide range of aromatic compounds and cannabis infusions that open up when you play around with combining flavors. Similarly, if you’re someone that prefers a clinical approach, taking in a pill with a fixed measured dose, then get some CBD caps or give shatter a try for the fastest-acting (and strongest) effects. Once you’ve felt the health improvements first hand, you’ll soon want to start trying other ways of using cannabis to improve your wellbeing. Gone are the days when smoking was the only available option. There is tons of information available and a horde of fun, healthy ways to supplement with cannabis and its healing compounds.


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  • Jerry Smith
    June 17, 2019

    My grandma is afraid of using it, she thinks its from the devil. She really needs something for her anxiety, and just being able to relax will help her so much.

    What can I do?

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