Industrial Hemp Cultivation Now Legal in North Carolina

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Industrial Hemp Cultivation Now Legal in North Carolina

north carolina hempWith it now being October 31st EDT, the production and cultivation of hemp is now legal in North Carolina. This is due to Senate Bill 313 becoming law without Governor Pat McCrory’s signature.

The new law, which was approved overwhelmingly in the state’s legislature, establishes an industrial hemp commission tasked with licensing hemp farmers and overseeing a hemp pilot program. The new law will allow hemp to be legally cultivated in North Carolina for the first time in decades.

In addition to allowing farmers to grow hemp, researchers at the state’s A&T University will also be allowed to grow and study the crop, though they’ll also need to receive a license from the state.

The full text of Senate Bill 313 can be found by clicking here.

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  • David
    October 30, 2015

    Congressman Holder, a RINO, needs to be petitioned to legalize cannabis. He’s a lying turncoat that pretended to represent the people of NC, but in fact only represents corporate interests. He refuses to hold town held meetings, but does so on FB to avoid answering to the people! Any questions of controversy are then cleaned up, so the people can’t see what was posted. He’s corrupt in my opinion, to the max! He’s the typical politician. He talks in circles, without answering the questions directly which I called him out on. He’s not representable of NC at all.

  • Jim
    October 31, 2015

    That seems to be the new socially accepted norm. We elect officials to represent the People and our State with the expectation that they won’t, and We will do nothing to hold them accountable.

    In my opinion the majority of our Politicians and Bureaucrats are corrupt, will sell their office of trust to the highest bidder, the majority of the People know it but the fear reprisal if the speak out.. Thus, the analogy: ‘”You can not fight City Hall” (Government (Public servants) in general).

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