Hemp Bill Passes Through WA Committee Unanimously

Washington State HB 1888 was passed through committee today with a unanimous 8-0 vote. The bipartisan measure, sponsored by 5 Republicans and a Democrat, would add legal safeguards to ensure hemp’s1 legality in Washington, including raising the 0.3% THC standard set by Initiative 502 to 1% THC, which is more closely aligned with what the North American Industrial Hemp Council recommends.

In addition, the measure creates specific regulations on how hemp production would be licensed and overseen in the state, and it authorizes Washington State University to undertake research on industrial hemp once they’ve received a license.

The bill will now move to Washington’s Rules Committee before moving to a full vote in the House.

You can read the full text of the measure here, and a legislative digest here.

– TheJointBlog

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  1. this is awesomr ot here do to the fact that it is the only milk that my granddaughter can consume without a tummy ache that also has nutrients in it i would love there to be hemp products available and hopefully get a bit cheaper


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