Hawaii Senate Votes to Legalizes Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

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Hawaii Senate Votes to Legalizes Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

With a 23 to 2 votehawaii-maui-4, Hawaii’s full Senate has passed House Bill 321, a proposal to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries. The Bill has already passed the full House of Representatives, but will be sent back for another vote for concurrence purposes before being sent to the governor.

If passed into law, the measure would legalize the state-licensed cultivation, production and distribution of cannabis to qualified patients who’ve received a recommendation from a physician The bill mandates that each county has at least one operating dispensary, with a minimum of 21 throughout the state.

The full text of the latest amended version of House Bill 321 can be found by clicking here. The measure would legalize medical cannabis dispensaries for the first time since the medicine was legalized by lawmakers in 2000.


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  • David
    April 18, 2015

    yikes! There are some oddities in this dispenser bill. No mention of vapor-able flower’s, only pill’s, (gel-cap’s), concentrates (I’m assuming BHO), lozenges, and edibles. The edibles can only be packaged and sold in 10MG dosage, individually wrapped. I guess this means no bags full of 10 Mg gummy bear’s or, individually packaged 100Mg Caramel’s.

    ? Most disturbingly the dispensary law also gives law-enforcement the ability to obtain a list of dispenser patient names. It’s great that Hawai’i is getting these much needed dispensaries but they should be able to sell what patients and care provider’s need and want, not what politician’s believe that they need and want.

  • eric
    April 20, 2015

    This hearing was NOT the FULL Senate, but the preliminary vote… just FYI

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