Hawaii Lawmakers Approve Hemp and Marijuana Decrim Bills on Same Day

Yesterday was a great day for cannabis law reform in Hawaii. The state’s House Judiciary Committee approved a measure that would decriminalize small amounts of hawaii-maui-4cannabis, sending it towards a full House vote. This comes just days after the state’s Senate voted unanimously to approve the measure. The committee did make two amendments, to lower the established ticket from $1,000 to $100 (where it was when the bill was first introduced), and lowering the possession limit from 1 ounce (28 grams), to 20 grams. This is according to the Associated Press.

On the same day, HB 154 HD2, a measure in the state to establish a two year industrial hemp research program that would examine hemp’s effectiveness in phytoremediation and bio-fuel, passed through two Senate committees unanimously, sending it to the full Senate. The state’s Senate Committee on Agriculture approved the bill by a vote of 7-0 vote, shortly before the Senate Committee on Energy and Environment recommended the bill’s passage 5-0. The state’s House voted unanimously on the measure a couple weeks back.

Polling shows that 58% in the state support decriminalizing cannabis, and 57% support its regulation and taxation.


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    • Russ Hurley - for Ohio Congress 2014 on March 15, 2013 at 10:31 am
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    Medicine, food, fuel, biodegradable plastic, cloth, paper and the uses list go’s on and on. Lets add a new $42 billion USD per year revenue stream a tax with total support from the public.

    We can even increase our national security and energy independence with renewable sources at the same time at NO additional cost. Here are some estimated ethanol yields by the gallon for different plants per acre of land:

    Corn Grain = 354 gallons per acre (one of the world’s life sustaining food crops)
    Sugar Cane = 662 gallons per acre (from South America, imported with a 100% duty)
    Switch Grass = 1150 gallons per acre ( there is no reason to oppose this crop)
    Hemp = 1000 gallons per acre (no need for chemicals or irrigation and can be cultivated 3-4 times a year)

    It would appear that we have forsaken one of the planets best crops for ethanol. Also, Hemp seed oil can be extracted and utilized for bio-diesel. Not to mention that Hemp does not take massive amounts of fertilizers, pesticides or water to grow. It can also be cultivated and harvested 3-4 times per year yielding 3000 to 4000 gallons per acre per year.

    I will advocate the legalization of marijuana. I advocate growing the benign plant Hemp for fuel. It was put on this planet for a good reason. Let’s take advantage of it along with wind and solar and leave the Middle East alone.

    The saying “The price of freedom
    is eternal vigilance !” certainly seems to apply here.

    “The bottom line on Congress is simple. You can place all the blame
    you want on George W. Bush or Barack H. Obama. But the simple fact is
    that it was Congress who voted twice to start wars without raising
    taxes to pay for them. It’s Congress that has wasted taxpayer dollars
    fighting to repeal a law that’s already withstood Constitutional
    scrutiny at the hands of the Supreme Court. And it’s Congress who has failed to take the lead on climate change, immigration or ending our stupid War on Drugs. It’s Congress that is most to blame for what’s truly broken in our country, regardless of which person sits in the big chair in the Oval Office.”

    For the first time last year the USA incarcerated more people for
    Marijuana than ALL VIOLENT Crimes COMBINED! We don’t need MORE JAILS. We need to decriminalize marijuana and release 40% of the prison population. When we end “The War on Marijuana” we won’t need a new prison for decades.$42 Billion in taxes and wasted law enforcement expense annually lost to the economy and right into the black market. Mean while our children can score in school any day of the week and there’s nothing we can currently do about it. Because it’s completely UNREGULATED.

    I know I’m not crazy to think an ordinary citizen (Not a
    CAREER Politician) with out a huge fund raising machine can
    not only run for US House in a district that is better than 70%
    Republican. But can win support on the merits of what I say, do and believe using social media. I need 5000 likes to be able to claim mass support for legalizing nationally, hemp/marijuana. Be it
    manufacturing, medicinal or recreational use for adults. Lets show
    Washington We are serious? Help a regular(NOT a Career
    Politician/LAWYER, DOCTOR or MILLIONAIRE) guy, go to Washington. Give me a look, then a like if you think a barber, *****AWARD***** winning small business(Kings Court
    Master Barber & Shoe Shine Service Est~1936)owner, US Navy veteran, former firefighter from Cincinnati could bring real change to the Peoples House in D.C.

    Open my page & like on Facebook, Search {Russ Hurley for Congress
    2014} on Facebook


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