Hawaii House Committee Unanimously Approves Measure to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Hawaii’sbudcanna House Judiciary Committee has given approval to House Bill 321, a measure to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state. The vote was unanimous.

If approved into law, the proposal would establish a system of production centers to provide cannabis to dispensaries, which would then distribute it to qualified patients. A minimum of 21 dispensaries would be authorized, and it would be mandated that each county (other than Kalawao) have at least one. The passage of this measure would mark the first time Hawaii has allowed dispensaries despite the fact that medical cannabis has been legal in the state since 2000.

Just a few days ago the House Committee on Health passed House Bill 1455 which would increase the amount of cannabis a patient can possess and cultivate, increase the amount of patients a caregiver can care for, and would allow patients to transfer cannabis to other patients and caregivers.

House Bill 321 has been sent to the House Finance Committee.


1 thought on “Hawaii House Committee Unanimously Approves Measure to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries”

  1. Fantastic. I”ve been reading (and witnessing personally in Washington State) a mounting ugly war brewing between Recreational and medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers. Seems to me their are just way too many American politicians in collusion with recreational store owner’s/ grower’s who have pot baron style green rush dollar signs in their eyes. Recreational stores and the business owner/operator’s appear to want to each eliminate any competitor’s (including patient medical marijuana dispensaries) I see this happening right now in Washington. American politicians appear to want to carve out little independent profit cartel’s, tailor- made for their contributor class political cronies. Ah, American’s, destroy medical dispensaries that serve the sickest so they can make a profit greedy enough to suit opposing politicians/ recreational store owners/growers, My hope is this can be avoided in Hawai’i at least for awhile anyway. Afterwards perhaps a Winter only scenario. One other reason I haven’t yet moved to Honolulu, the North shore of Oahu, or Maui is that I also enjoy international travel, I have family members living in France. Hawai’i’ is so uniquely remote, that’s one drawback. One the plus side the legalization/ medical dispensary fight has yet to arrive in Hawai’i. Anyway, I think I could get used to it..


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