Hawaii House Committee Approves Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

A proposalMedical marijuana is shown in a jar at The Joint Cooperative in Seattle to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries in Hawaii has been approved with a 13 to 2 vote by the state’s House Finance Committee. The measure has already received unanimously approval in the House Judiciary Committee, meaning it will now be up for a full House vote.

House Bill 321 would establish a system of production centers and dispensaries for medical cannabis, with a minimum of 21 dispensaries being authorized throughout the state. The proposal mandates that each county – other than Kalawao – have at least one operating dispensary.

The passage of House Bill 321 into law would mark the first time Hawaii has allowed medical cannabis dispensaries, despite the medicine being legal in the state since 2000.

Last month the House Committee on Health passed House Bill 1455 which would increase the amount of cannabis a patient can possess and cultivate, increase the amount of patients a caregiver can care for, and would allow patients to transfer cannabis to other patients and caregivers.


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