Hawaii Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

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Hawaii Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannbis_pill_bottle_Hawaii Governor David Ige has signed House Bill 321 into law, legalizing medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state. The measure was signed on Tuesday, and went into effect on Wednesday.

The proposal, which was approved 24 to 0 in the Senate, and 38 to 13 in the House of Representatives, legalizes the distribution of medical cannabis through state-licensed dispensaries, which will be supplied by licensed cultivation centers.

The proposal authorizes 16 dispensaries – and 16 production centers – throughout the state, with any medical cannabis patient able to purchase from them. The Department of Health is the entity tasked with licensing the outlets, which they’re expected to do early next year.

Dispensaries are expected to be open by November, 2016.

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  • David
    July 16, 2015

    Welcome news ! Watching Washington States non-stop, aggressive all-out war against it’s medical marijuana patients, this gives me hope that not all States are going to rush into legalization without looking at the victims plowed under in it’s wake (yet they told medical patients that our 1998 MMJ would not be touched by legalization). Well they lied. Surprise ! Washington’s 1998 voter passed medical marijuana law was just recently killed-off and destroyed in Olympia.

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