Hawaii Committee Unanimously Approves Bill Decriminalizing Cannabis Possession

Hawaii Senate Bill 472 would make possession of up to an ounce of cannabis a civil infraction.

Today Hawaii’s Senate Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 472, which would decriminalize cannabis possession in the state. The vote was 5-0. Under this measure, possession of up to an ounce would no longer be an arrestable misdemeanor offense, and instead would become a civil infraction of $1,000.

The measure is sponsored by 13 of the state’s 25 senators, guaranteeing its passage in the Senate. Hawaii’s House is moving forward with a companion measure.

Hawaii lawmakers this session have also been discussing legalizing cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes.

Recent polling shows that 58% of residents in the state support decriminalization. 57% support regulating and taxing cannabis, and 78% are in support of legalizing medical cannabis.

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2 thoughts on “Hawaii Committee Unanimously Approves Bill Decriminalizing Cannabis Possession”

  1. Who says big brothers not watching you. The thing that irks me the most we (Californians) the people have voted to legalize marijuana and they The Feds (whop we voted to get into the political assignments) turns around and slaps us in the face and say…”We are the Federal Government and we don’t care what you voted on…you will obey us!!!” Sounds more and like a dictatorship instead of a democracy with each passing day. No wonder why 22 states wanted to sus-cede from the union after November 6th election.


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