Hawaii Bill to Legalize Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Overwhelmingly Passes House of Representatives

Hawaii’s full hawaiiHouse of Representatives has voted 43 to 8 to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries.

House Bill 321 would establish a system of medical cannabis dispensaries as a means of safe access for qualified patients, and would authorize production centers to cultivate cannabis, and supply it to dispensaries. The proposal mandates a minimum of 21 dispensaries throughout the state, and assures that each county (other than Kalawao) has at least one.

Although medical cannabis was legalized in Hawaii in 2000, patients have never had legal access to it. Advocates hope to remedy with the passage of House Bill 321.

Last month the House Committee on Health passed House Bill 1455 which would improve the state’s medical cannabis program by increasing the amount of cannabis a patient can possess and cultivate, increasing the amount of patients a caregiver can care for, and allowing patients to transfer cannabis to other patients and caregivers.


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