Harvard Study Finds Cannabis Cuts Tumor Growth in Half in Three Weeks

Harvard Study Finds Cannabis Cuts Tumor Growth in Half in Three Weeks

A Harvard study from 2007 which remains the most comprehensive ever released on THC’s potential to combat tumors found that in just three weeks doses of THC were able to cut lung cancer tumor growth in half in mice subjects, and were able to reduce cancer lesions by even more. Harvard study

For the study, Harvard researchers tested THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is found naturally in cannabis) on cancer cells in labs, and followed that up by studying mice subjects.

The lab demonstration found that doses of THC inhibited growth and spread in the cancer cells; “When the cells are pretreated with THC, they have less EGFR stimulated invasion as measured by various in-vitro assays,” states Anju Preet, PhD, who was one of the researchers for the study.

Following the lab test, researchers dosed mice – which were implanted with human lung cancer cells – with THC, and found that in just three weeks, tumors were reduced in both size and weight by roughly 50% compared to a control group. According to Preet, cancer lesions on the lungs were also reduced – by nearly 60% – and there was as a significant reduction in “protein markers” associated with cancer progression.

Researchers predict that THC had such a positive effect on combating tumors because it activates molecules that arrest the cell cycle, and may also interfere with the processes of angiogenesis and vascularization, which lead to cancer growth.

Over 6 years since its original release, this study remains one of the most important cannabis-related studies ever released.



  • Sharon McDuffie
    June 17, 2014

    What has happened since 2007? I have stage 4 Adenocarcinoma, and would love to enroll in a trial!

    • Catmagyck
      December 30, 2014

      Sharon, I also have stage 4 adenocarcinoma. I began conventional chemotherapy treatment in September 2014, and paired it with my own home extraction of CBD/THC oil. My oncologist is treating me with the most aggressive course of chemo, based on my relatively young age (I’m 55), the fact that it has not metastasized outside of my lungs, and that I have absolutely NO other health issues. He has known, and fully agrees, from the start, about my complimentary therapy, and I am so happy to announce that my disease has indeed reduced in size by 50%. All the tumors in my lungs have been shrunk by 50%, there is NO new growth, and my weekly bloodwork shows a remarkable bouncing back to nearly normal levels between treatments. Because of the aggressive composition of the chemo, I have infusions every three weeks, and tomorrow (New Years Eve) I will have the sixth and final treatment in my first chemo course. After the fourth treatment, my doc ordered a re-staging, and that is what showed the tumor reduction!

      If you live in a state where it is already legal, I’d get your doc to prescribe it. If not, then I recommend that you find yourself a connect to purchase raw material, and read up on different techniques to extract and alter the enzymes to do what you need it to do. My first batch was done in extra virgin olive oil, which I dosed by applying along my gums, inside of cheeks, and under my tongue, even along my soft and hard palate. This encourages the medicine to enter the blood stream directly, and avoid being altered by going through the digestive process. This next batch I intend to use coconut oil, for the better taste. Next time I may try a tincture, which is made using grain alcohol–not my top choice, but that process seems to extract a higher percentage of CBD and T. My research has shown that Northern Lights is a good one for CBD and THC content, and if you choose to grow your own, has a short growing and maturity period, making it a good beginner strain for growing and making your own medicine. I have also tried a wonderful ingestible brought from a legal state, that was given to me as a gift and all I can say is WOW! Definitely effective, in lots of ways!

      I did not toke at all from my first purchase, making the oil instead, but my second one, because of the quality I was forced to get, I have been CAUTIOUSLY smoking it, since my research shows that this method remains one of the most effective ways to use the medicine. My next whole purchase will be done in coconut oil, along with whatever is left of this supply.

      I am sure I will have a second, probably a third, course of chemo in my future, because my goal is to cure this disease, not merely palliative care.

      All I know is that my doctor was so happy himself when he saw the results of the new CT scan that he impulsively hugged me. He was almost as ecstatic as I was!

      If you want further information or just need to chat a bit, let me know. No one can truly understand what it’s like but another patient.

  • Joan
    August 6, 2014

    Could you please tell me what cannabis oil strain is used for lung cancer stage 3? Thanks.

  • Anonymous
    September 18, 2015

    Cite your sources please

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