Happy 4/20!

It’s that time of the year again – April 20th – and cannabis consumers around the world are preparing to c420elebrate. As we enter this holiest of days, us here at TheJointBlog want to send a big HAPPY 4/20 to our readers, and everyone else across the globe!

As you enjoy this day, remember to keep in the back of your mind just how ridiculous it is that this plant that we’re celebrating is illegal, and people continue to be thrown in prison, and have their lives destroyed, for its usage. Don’t forget that this plant won’t legalize itself – the huge advancements we’ve made in recent years is an accumulation of activists working towards reform. If we want to celebrate future 4/20’s where cannabis is legal throughout the country and world, we must continue to stand up and take action.

That said, let us revel in the fact that a majority of Americans are now in support of marijuana’s legalization, and progress is being made around the world. Happy 4/20!

– TheJointBlog

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