Happy 4/20!

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Happy 4/20!

We420day at TheJointBlog would like to tell all of our readers – and anyone else who may have stumbled upon this article – Happy 4/20!

This 4/20, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind:


Huge advancements in the cause to end cannabis prohibition have been made since the last 4/20. These advancements not only include two states – Alaska and Oregon – legalizing recreational cannabis through voter-approved initiatives, it also includes the nation’s capital legalizing cannabis, and several states legalizing cannabis for medical purposes.

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On the federal level, progress hasn’t been so pronounced, but has still been historic. Congress voted on a national spending bill to prevent the Justice Department from interfering with state-sanctioned medical cannabis programs, and multiple federal bills to legalize hemp, medical cannabis or recreational cannabis have been filed in the House and Senate.

All of this is reason to celebrate, and to be proud of the progress the movement is making and has made!

More Work to be Done!

It’s also important to take this holiday as a chance to reflect on how much work is left to be done. Whereas cannabis possession is entirely legal in some states, it remains a life-destroying felony in others. We don’t say that to try to crash the mood, it’s simply an unfortunate truth of life that we’d be remiss to not constantly reflect on, especially on a day celebrating this incredible plant that should never have been made illegal.

While you enjoy the day, consider taking some time to make a “resolution” of sorts to get more involved in the movement. Whether it be volunteering for organizations such as the Marijuana Policy Project, NORML, the Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, or any number of other state and national cannabis advocacy groups, or whether it’s simply letting your non-cannabis consuming or supporting friends know about the benefits of cannabis and ending its prohibition, considering doing something to help make a change!


However you decide to spend your day, we’d like to once again say Happy 4/20! Here’s to a future 4/20 where cannabis is legal throughout the world!


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  • travis
    April 20, 2015

    Hi there tho is all wonderful news what about Canada is there any thing happing here

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