Growing Majority of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

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Growing Majority of Americans Support Cannabis Legalization

By Paul Armentano, Deputy Director, NORML 

Fifty-five percent of Americans favor making cannabis legal for adults, according to the findings ofcannaamerica a CNN/ORC International survey released late Monday. The percentage is the highest ever reported by the survey, which has been tracking public opinion on the issue since 1973, and marks a 12 percentage point jump in support since the last time pollsters posed the question in 2012.

In addition, only 35 percent of those polled responded that consuming cannabis was “morally wrong” — down from 70 percent in 1987, the last time pollsters posed the question.

The CNN/ORC polled surveyed 1,010 Americans and possesses a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

The survey’s findings are similar to those of a fall 2013 Gallup poll which reported nationwide support for legalizing marijuana at 58 percent, the highest level of support ever recorded in a national scientific poll.

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  • patrickborden
    January 10, 2014

    I have a bad back with buldging disk&herinadiddisk/dds dasiese/which causescronnic pain from nerves in the spine that makes me have anger /depression from hurting all the time.cannabis helps ive tried it its a proven fact.please make it leagle in Arkansas! I know im not the only person with this it will bring revenueto Arkansans and
    the tired of worring about my job please help?govenor of Arkansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicholas
    April 23, 2014

    Need to legalize it nation wide. I rather buy it from a professional smoke shop then ride in the hood and risk getting caught in the crossfire of a real drug epidemic gone bad.

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