Grow Your own Herb

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Grow Your own Herb

By Samantha W.

Weed enthusiasts are always looking to figure out the best place to source their seeds from. It is something you would often hear them talking about, with utmost passion, conviction and curiosity. Finding the right seeds to sow and reap the sweet result thereafter is every smoker’s dream.

You can get to know the best seed banks 2018 has to offer. It’s important to mention that the ‘best’ would be judged on various points such as how easily it can be grown, the time taken to do so, the seed’s quality itself and what the final product’s quality would be like.

You could be looking for the quick and intense high of the O.G Kush or the cerebral buzz that the Devil promises you with. The best seed banks 2018 will make sure that you get all the varieties that you could be looking for, delivered right at your door. Choose who you want to pick your Pineapple Express, Mango cannabis or GSC seeds from by comparing the competitive prices that they offer.

Delta Extrax

While O.G Kush and Pineapple Express seeds will set you back by 5 to 7 USD per seed, Mango or Blue Dream seeds vary between 7 to 10 USD, with the prize going up if they are feminized or home grown.

Don’t worry; these are not the only varieties that the best seed banks keep. You could also order for the candy skunk hint of a Venus flytrap, the earthy tone of Royal Queens or the fruitiness of the Blueberry. Professionals, pick the blueberry for prices starting as low as 3 USD per seed because you know the kind of care these gratifying seeds require. The Venus Flytrap seeds on the other hand have a high ‘ease of growing’ level, combined with the super rush and pumped up high that it promises you. It gives you a Sativa kind of buzz along with a substantially high THC level

If you prefer strawberry banana kush on the other hand, you could get 10 seeds for 62 USD. They are perfect for those looking for a fruity punch. You don’t need to worry about being too cautious or patient with this one as it grows rapidly without much intervention, is significantly robust and gives a great yield. So get ready for a crazy mix of banana, strawberry and the scent of exotic woods rolled into one wonder. It is sure to up your happy hormones and help you forget all worry after a tiring day. This strain has a dominance of Indica with a high level of THC. Ideal for Mediterranean climates, you can plant them both indoors and outdoors. For those of you starting out with harvesting your own weed, this is the right choice.   

So makeup your mind and place order for the best seeds that you could ever get. We all know it’s so much better to have the fresh fruits of your effort rather than buy a poor version off the streets that does nothing for your high!

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