Green Crack Extreme Marijuana Strain Overview

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Green Crack Extreme Marijuana Strain Overview

Green Crack Extreme, as the same implies, is a more potent version of the widely popular Green Crack strain.

Look at that frostiness! (Photo:

Green Crack Extreme is a powerful sativa-dominant strain that has a similar high to Green Crack, but with a considerably stronger buzzing that permeates throughout the body. Despite its strength, this is an energetic and uplifting strain that makes an awesome and powerful wake-and-bake strain. The taste and smell is sweet and earthy; at times it smells like a mix of wild flowers was coated in sugar.

This strain is excellent for treating pain, depression and stress, among many other ailments.

Smell and taste:

  • Sweet flowers
  • Herbs



At the time of publication Green Crack Extreme has 49 reviews on Leafly with an average score of 4.5 out of 5.

Delta Extrax

Highlighted quote (from one of the Leafly reviews):

“Compared to her sister the original green crack, this batch really kicks your ass. The sweet candy-like aroma with bright green crystal filled leaves, and a bud that is dense as a rock.”


Where to find it

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, Leafly has a strain finder that can use your exact location to find the closet cannabis store or dispensary to you that is currently carrying then Green Crack Extreme marijuana strain; you can also look for a variety of other strains.

Click here for this strain finder.


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