Green Candy Marijuana Strain Overview

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Green Candy Marijuana Strain Overview

Green Candy is a sativa-dominant hybrid that smells and tastes great, and has a smooth uplifting high.

green candyAs its name implies, Green Candy is a mix between Green Crack and Candy Kush, two excellent strains in their own right. The combo is a worthy sativa that delivers a smooth, well-balanced high and an enjoyable taste and smell. The smell is pleasant enough that even those who typically dislike the smell of marijuana will likely find it pleasing; it smells of sweet pine, which is quite enjoyable.

Smell and taste:

  • Sugar
  • Pine



Green Candy currently has 82 reviews on Leafly with an average score of 4.3 out of 5.

Highlighted quote (from one of the Leafly reviews):

“A very good Sativa effect. I was impressed with the taste and longevity of the effects. Was medicated for hours feeling very uplifted and happy. Took care of my anxiety and I had no problems doing day to day activities. Overall very good strain, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.”


Where to find it

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, Leafly has a strain finder that can use your exact location to find the closet cannabis store or dispensary to you that is currently carrying then Green Candy marijuana strain; you can also look for a variety of other strains.

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