Government Report: Drug Crimes Made Up Largest Share of Federal Criminal Cases in 2014

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A new report released by the United State Sentencing Commission, titled Overview of Federal Criminal Cases Fiscal Year 2014, shows that the largest share of federal criminal cases are drug-related, with over a quarter of those cases related to cannabis.

According to the report, 31.7% of all federal criminal cases in 2014 were drug-related, twelve times the number of cases involving child pornography. The second most common category is immigration, which accounts for 29.3% of all federal criminal cases. Next in line is firearms and fraud, both accounting for around 10%, followed by “non-fraud white collar” crimes at 3.7%, child pornography charges at 2.5%, and larceny charges at 1.9%. The remaining 10.4% fall into the “other” category.

Of the drug-related cases, 25% were for cannabis, with roughly the same percentage being for methamphetamine. 20.6% of the cases were for cocaine, with the remaining 30% spread out among the other illegal substances.

The full report can be found by clicking here.


1 thought on “Government Report: Drug Crimes Made Up Largest Share of Federal Criminal Cases in 2014”

  1. I spent 5 years in Federal Prison for a marijuana offense.

    The memorable day I met with the parole panel, I asked, “When pot becomes legal, what will my 5 years spent in prison have meant?”

    Their response, “That is a very philosophical question. We don’t deal with philosophy in this office.”

    Case closed…go back to your cell.

    When the 5 years were gone, I walked out and never looked back. But, I know to this day, there are thousands of Americans still rotting in jail over a plant.


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