Glass Blunt Pipe

Glass Blunt Pipe

Smoking is one of the oldest methods of consuming herbs. Till date, smoking can be fun, especially when you find new ways to fire up your favorite bud.


While some stoners still prefer using rolling papers and blunt wraps, many are busy exploring different tools that make smoking a lot easier and cleaner. Glass blunt pipe, for example, is one such tool that eliminates the struggle that comes with rolling a blunt.


What is a Glass Blunt Pipe?


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Glass blunt pipes, commonly known as Glunts are portable pipes designed for smoking cannabis in a convenient and more efficient way. Glass pipes have become a favorite for many smokers who love smoking on the go.


Although glass blunts come in different shapes and sizes, they all work the same way. A typical glass pipe has a spiral slider and two ends with one serving as the mouthpiece.


If you enjoy smoking but don’t know how to use a blunt wrap or have the patience to roll a blunt, then a Glunt is what you need. It not only makes smoking easier, but also allows users to load more weed at a time which means you can enjoy longer smoking sessions or share with friends.


Benefits of Glass Blunt Pipe


The beauty of a glass blunt is seen in its amazing features. If you’re wondering why you should get a Glunt, here are some of the benefits you stand to gain.


No Extra Smoke


Smokers who want to enjoy cannabis or their favorite hemp flowers with a good smoking experience and no extra smoke puffing out will love the glass blunt pipe. Glunts, just like other smoking pipes, are designed for inhaling purposes with no tinting flavor to deal with.


Super Portable


Glass blunts come in different sizes and designs to suit your personality. Unlike a glass nectar collector, glunts are generally super portable which makes them suitable for on the go use. They can easily fit into your pockets, mini bags, etc, making them a great travel companion.


If you’re a heavy stoner or lazy smoker that finds it difficult to load your pipes then consider choosing a medium-sized Glunt as the smaller ones only allow you to load just a little quantity of weed at a time. All glass blunt pipes serve the same purpose but making the right choice that fits your lifestyle is entirely up to you.


No Paper Required


Glunts do not require the use of rolling papers or blunt wraps, which means you don’t have to constantly spend money on buying papers. You can use your blunt pipe for a long time if you keep it clean and handle it with care.


Glass pipes are designed to trap ashes until you’re done, which makes it even more sophisticated for users who are worried about the debris.


How to Smoke from a Glass Blunt


Using a glass blunt pipe of any style is pretty much easy and it requires no expertise. To use a glunt, you simply start by filling the dried herbs into the tube or chamber. Then fire up one end and inhale from the mouthpiece. To dispose of the ash, simply remove the spiral mouthpiece and empty the tube.


How to Pack a Glunt


To load your glass blunt, first remove the spiral slider mouthpiece, lock the end with a cap, then start loading your herbs gently into the tube through the other end. Remember not to over fill the tube or else it will be hard for the weed to light up since the airflow is choked up.


Screw back the spiral slider, torch up the other end with a lighter and smoke from the mouthpiece.


How to Clean it


To properly clean your glass blunt and make it look almost good as new, you’ll need some isopropyl alcohol or warm soapy water, pipe cleaner, and paper tower.


Step one:  Detach the glass blunt


Before cleaning the glunt, remove the detachable parts: the cap and the mouthpiece which comes with the spiral slider.


Step two: Pour in Iso


After separating the mouthpiece and cap, pour in iso halfway into the glass blunt and re-attach the separated parts. Keep the glass soaked for a little while to soften any hard residue. Then shake thoroughly until it’s clean.


For proper cleaning, turn the tube upside down as many times as possible while you shake, enough for the isopropyl to reach all parts of the glass. Lastly, empty the glass and rinse with warm water, and let it dry completely before using again.


Step 3: Wipe Mouthpiece With Pipe Cleaner


Dig across the mouthpiece with the pipe cleaner that came with your glass blunt. If your glunt didn’t come with a pipe paper then you can get one separately


Difference Between a Glass Blunt Pipe And a Blunt Wrap


Smoking from the glass blunt gives you the natural flavor of your herb while the smoke from the wraps is usually tinted with other substances in the paper thereby ruining the taste of the weed.


Glunts also save you money in the long run. Instead of purchasing rolling papers all the time, you just need to make a small one time investment to buy a glass blunt pipe.

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