Girl Scouts Make Killing Selling Cookies In Front Of California Dispensaries

Although many people are familiar with the cannabis strain known as ‘Girl Scout Cookies’, few are likely to expect actual girl scout cookies to be available at their local dispensary.

Danielle selling cookies outside The Green Cross.

In California, patients are seeing just that.

Danielle Lei, of Girl Scout Troop 3168, has been circulating the San Francisco area, setting up tables of cookies outside local cannabis collectives – and, as one might expect, the boxes have been selling so fast she can barely keep in stock.

On Monday, Danielle set up outside of The Green Cross, and within 45 minutes completely sold out of cookies and had to call for back-up. Within two hours, she sold 117 boxes – 37 more than she sold in front of Safeway the next day.

Danielle’s mother, Carol, says that beyond it being a great marketing strategy, selling cookies in front of dispensaries is a good way to teach her daughters about medical cannabis and the patients who use it; “They learn that they’re not drugged out,” says Carol. “Many have serious needs, and are just a little different.”

Patients (and staff) of The Green Cross were happy to take advantage of the sweet treat set-up, and, after seeing such positive results, Danielle plans to come back on Saturday.

With half of the proceeds from Danielle’s sales going to Alzheimer’s Disease-related charities, and the rest going to the Girl Scouts organization, The Green Cross has been enthusiastically encouraging people to come support Danielle’s efforts, stating “Cookies, cannabis and charities, what more can you ask for!?”

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