Georgia House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

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Georgia House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Georgia’s full House of Representatives has passed a bill that would significantly expand a medical marijuana law passed in 2015.

House Bill 65, sponsored by State Representative Allen Peake (R), was passed with an overwhelming 156 to 6 vote. The measure would expand a law passed in 2015 that allows for the medical use of low-THC cannabis medicines like tinctures and oils to include Alzheimer’s disease, autism, HIV/AIDS, autoimmune disease, Tourette’s syndrome epidermolysis bullosa and peripheral neuropathy as qualifying conditions.

The bill approved by the House would remove a one-year residency requirement for those wanting to become a medical cannabis patient. It would also allow those with medical cannabis cards from other states to legally possess and use the medicine in Georgia.

The full text of House Bill 65, which now moves to the Senate, can be found by clicking here.

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