Georgia House Passes Medical Cannabis Bill

Georgia’s House overwhelmingly approved a medical cannabis legalization proposal this afternoon in an 171 to 4 vote.georgia

House Bill 885 would permit certain academic medical centers (defined as a research hospital that operates a doctor residency program) in the state to grow, process and distribute medical cannabis extracts for those with cancer, glaucoma and seizures.

The measure is also known as the “Haleigh’s Hope Act,” named after Haleigh Cox, a child who suffers from a medical conditions that causes frequent and severe seizures.

“If we can offer the slightest rise, the slightest improvement in the quality of life for these children, these families, I think we’re doing the right thing”, said Representative Nikki Randall, one of the lawmakers that voted in favor of the measure.

The proposal now heads to the Senate, where its passage will send it to the governor for consideration.


6 thoughts on “Georgia House Passes Medical Cannabis Bill”

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  2. Pot may help muscle spasms but it is no a pain reliever. That’s what opiods are for. You can use them long term and their safer than taking acetaminophen every day

    • Of course not, that’s why G.W.Pharma insists on pushing Sativex for Cancer pain. What could they possibly be thinking?

      Recommending opiates over cannabis reveals the quality of your post.

  3. I see they Revoked the Right to Grow Your Own Medicine ! Gotta Keep the Corporate Monopoly Profit Machine Running ! Screw the poor people ! Free the Medicine, Support Private Growing for Medicine !!!!!!!!!!

  4. What about all the other things for adults like PAIN with MS or any pain actually in adults? Recreational is a different product than the Medical MJ meds! This is a start but don’t forget about others trying to take the safest drug possible! The rest of Big Pharma is very toxic and long term use does not work well and people od!


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