Introducing Ganjaman Go, Pokemon Go for Cannabis Consumers (In-Game Photos Released)

ganjamanHave you been interested in playing Pokemon Go, but don’t aren’t interested in Pokemon? Well, there’s now a new cannabis-related option for you; Ganjaman Go (in-game photos below).

According to Green Rush Daily; “Instead of catching Pokemon, this game lets you use your phone to catch different strains, weed-themed characters, and even different types of highs. But you also have to watch out. Snitches and anti-pot politicians are waiting to mess up your entire game.

Along with apps like Hemp Inc., Ganjaman Go is the newest game in the niche world of pot-themed mobile games.”

To start off the game, an avatar is created, and similar to Pokemon Go it’s an altered reality game and as you walk around, your avatar moves through a digital world that looks a lot like the original.

“Instead of catching Pikachu or Jigglypuff, you’ll run across little pot-themed characters like VaperPuff”, states Green Rush Daily. “And when things are going really well, you might find yourself catching a nice GigglyHigh.

But things aren’t all good in the world of Ganjaman Go. Just like in real life, there are a few characters you need to hide your stash from. The game features Snitches that are designed to look basically like your parents or a school teacher. The game even gets a little political, as it features characters like Donald Trump.

There’s no word on when this game will be released. You can find photos below:




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